Easy Steps to Applying Makeup

October 22, 2007 by Oby Okpala  
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A simple do it yourself course on how to apply your own makeup. It only take practice to perfection. This is where it all begins.

Being more of a professional make-up artist than I used to be back in my school days, I have learned to appreciate the importance of wearing a make-up more often than not. It used to be a hassle for me back then, but using simple techniques in my practise on myself and at work, I must confess, wearing your own make up yourself, should be totally hassle-free.

It really isn’t very nice, waking up in the morning with puffy eyes, and sallow looking skin, rushing off to work or lectures, without having to take a good look at yourself and wondering, “how do I look today?” Even if you seem not to notice your looks, what about that girl you see at work, looking fresh and nice, or the lady living next door always looking pretty, how would you like to look as gorgeous too?. Now that is why you this article.

The areas you must always take good care of are the skin, eyes, lips and of course, be cautious of what you wear, but that is another topic.


The types of skin have been classified into normal, dry, oily and combination skins. It is of great importance that one knows what category she falls into. This will help in the choice of body creams you apply daily. I always recommend however that whatever type of skin one has, it is always good to use a moisturiser as this helps lock in moisture in the skin, and so leaving it fresh all day long. So whatever body cream or lotion you use, try using a moisturiser before that, as soon as you step out of the bath.


Now, with very clear unattended skin in the morning, the face is the first part of the body noticed and admired. Before applying make up, you should have on, a make-up base. This helps the make-up to stay on all day.

  1. Foundation:

    this helps to even out skin tone. With the foundation brush or a pad, apply starting from the nose, underneath the eyes, the forehead, sides of the eyes, down to the cheek and the chin, and even to the neck. Applying the foundation to the neck helps to ensure that there is no difference in skin colour on the face and neck which are parts of the upper body skin that will be seen. Note to ensure that your foundation matches with your skin tone before you buy. This, you can test by applying it lightly on the back of your hands and rubbing to see how the colour matches. Also while applying the foundation on your face, try to do so lightly too, so that it does not cake up and look too obvious. Foundations also work as a good make-up base.

  2. Blusher:

    this comes next. Apply with a blusher brush on the apple of your cheek, that is the bulbous part of your cheek formed when you smile. Apply it in an upward motion, lightly up to the edge of the ear. This helps the blush to look as natural as possible.


Eye make-up to me is the most important of all, because once you get the look and attitude on the eye, you highlight the entire face.

  1. Eye Shadow:

    this helps to highlight the shape of the eyes, so picking the right colours either matching your mood, your dress or the occasion is very important. I always believe in sticking to light colours, so that you have a simple but sophisticated look all day. To highlight the shape of the eye with the eye shadow, it is good to use the lighter shade of a colour on the small of the eye lid just after the eye lash, and following it up with the darker shade, to the back of the eye lid.

  2. Eye Pencil:

    this brings out the shape of the eye, makes it really noticeable and sharp. It is also good to use general and not ridiculous colours like bright orange. However it is good to use colours that match your eye shadow colour, but I will always stick to using black eye pencil as it really gives a mature look. Do not darken the strokes of the eye pencil on the eye when applying. It gives an older look.

  3. Mascara:

    this darkens the eyelash and looks very mature when used. Apply it on each eye lash, looking either left or right when applying to the left or the right lash respectively. This helps that you do not get the colour in your eye, which may cause discomfort.


I always apply my lip colour last of all. This just gives me confidence that I am done with my looks, and should focus on my outfit for the day.

  1. Lip Gloss:

    I always apply my lip gloss first. Carefully lining the contour of my lips. This helps to retain the shine of my lip colour, and also prevents staining the gloss with the colour. I prefer using transparent colours, so they do not form a contrast with my lip colour.

  2. Lip Stick:

    Pick a colour that fits your skin tone, not too bright, so you don’t look like a clown, and not too dull. Apply the lip colour once, and then rub your upper and lower lips together. The presence of the lip gloss also helps to reduce friction when rubbing your lips together.

  3. Lip Pencil:

    This always comes last. Using a matching pencil colour to your lip colour, draw a light line around the lips just to carve out the edge of the colour. This helps to define the shape of the lips, giving it an Angelina Jolie-ish look, or just your own personal look.

Making yourself up is as easy as can be, so you don’t always need to give out hundreds in cash to professionals to do it for you. You can be your own professional. But if you do get stuck at it, and are not impressed by your handwork, then seek advice form a professional. Remember to be very selective in picking and applying your colours. Have fun doing it yourself.

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4 Responses to “Easy Steps to Applying Makeup”
  1. nancy Says:

    this is a really nice beginner course, if i should call it that. bcos, its got all the basics. nice!!

  2. Samantha Says:

    I liked it. I always have trouble putting on make-up. Because I am not good at it, and I am so ugly.
    I used to end up actually crying because I was so frustrated, but this helped me to find out what make-up to put where on my face.
    Thanks for your help!

  3. christianah Says:

    This is very nice,ihave learnt a lot from this basic steps.I really appreciate the effort put into this write up.Thanks

  4. Oby Says:

    Hi Samantha.Provided you look at yourself, and feel confident that you are beautiful, no one has the right to make you feel otherwise. Its all about practicing, and believe me, when you perfect it, you will also be able to teach others, so dearie, enough of those cries ok.
    Hi Christianah, Im soo glad you found this helpeful.

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