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February 12, 2010 by friendshipter  
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Depending on your complexion. Dry, oily, or etc.. its good to know. So you can find the right foundation for your face.  Also, consider a high lighter powder.  That should match your complexion and your liquid foundation.  The high lighter powder just seals those glow areas around face.  Then you dab on the liquid foundation and smooth it in your face.  However I recommend a foundation sponge, not your fingers.  Even if you washed your hands prior to adding the foundation.  The foundation may not cover well, be advised. Also, after applying the liquid foundation to your face.  You may want to go over that with the high lighter powder to seal that in.  If the weather calls for a sunny day. You may want to consider using an umbrella so all your hard work on your face won’t be lost.  If you find yourself still sweating a little, avoid wiping the sweat off. It may dry on its own…  

If you like blush.. depending on your tone and your choice of colors.  If you have a pale complexion you may want to look at your many options.  A pale blush may be recommended.  If you have deep cheek bones that can help you.  Or if you have somewhat cheek bones, no matter.  Just apply your blush upwards a little.  Carefully.  Then consider blending it a little.  

Now to the eyes.  Again, if you are pale complected.. consider all your options.  Possibly dab your eye color on your eyes, just on the eye lids only.  Possibly on the edges of your eye without getting the eye shadow in your eyes.  Same goes for liquid eye shadow.  If you like eye liner.. great that needs to after you add the eyeshadow. If you like mascara, that is recommended to be applied last.  Try investing in waterproof makeup and the lowest prices.  Consider generic brands.  You may get more for the price.  

Lets not forget the lip sticks and lip liner.  First before they are applied see if you can find possibly lip sealer or lip sticks that will last 8 hours or longer.  Apply the lip stick first then the lip liner.. remember you will be dabbing some of the lip stick off.  Then, suggested.. lip gloss to your masterpiece face.  You are now ready for the world.  

Also, consider improving your meal plan. Finding out what fruits and vegetables can help your skin maybe beneficial to you.  I believe mango’s is great for our complexion.  When you look at labels on foods you eat.. look for Vitamin A.. great for your complexion.  Also, be careful, consider only use facial washes.  Again, look for the wash right for your skin type.. dry,..  consider patting your face dry after you wash it.  

Have fun and create happiness : ) 

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  1. sambhafusia Says:

    excellent share…well written friend..tnx for sharing this..

  2. kaviarasankk Says:

    Very nice share

  3. 8Shei8 Says:

    A wonderful share! My face sometimes get dry to oily.

  4. albert1jemi Says:

    Useful tips

  5. leylucs Says:

    great share!

  6. Remmyramesh Says:

    A very handy one!! Thnx for sharing!!

  7. Authoress Terry E. Lyle Says:

    Wonderful article but I was blessed with great silky skin and I don’t wear makeup, the first time I did with Mary Kay it broke me out so Hot water cleans my skin and the Cherokee blessings of nice skin is truly noticable and appreciated as part of my gene pool.

  8. AussieSheila Says:

    Nice ideas!

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