Changing Color Mood Lip Gloss

August 6, 2011 by L. Taylor  
Published in Makeup

A lip gloss that changes colors according to your temperature fluctuations.

Most everyone owns or has heard of a mood ring; a little ring with a shiny glass gem that changes colors to tell your mood. But this trinket from years ago has drastically evolved over the decades.

Too Faced makeup line presents their Mood Swing Lip Gloss. It may not go through all of the colors of the rainbow, but it does most definitely change color. This lip gloss changes according to rises in body temperatture which can signal an emotional change. There are four brilliant shades to choose from:

Petal Pink: White to Petal Pink


Berry Pink: Purple to Berry Pink

Pink Shimmer: Lavender to Pink Shimmer

Original: Clear to Pink

For $18.50 you can buy this gloss at:

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