All Natural Holiday Party Looks

December 7, 2008 by Liz Roberts  
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Give yourself an all over glow for this year’s holiday party cirtcuit. Use mineral make up to achieve a healthy yet glamourous look that will wow them every time. You’ll not only look good but feel good too!

This is the season to go out and party. That means putting on a ton of make up and looking as glamorous as possible. It used to be unhealthy , layering all that toxic gook on. Nowadays you can use mineral make up to create the same sophisticated yet breathable look.

  1. First of all start off with clean skin and then dab on either a primer or lotion. You may want to do both for a polished dewy look, For an all natural lotion Alba’s face crème is the best. It’s free of any harsh ingredients and parabens while offering a layer of protection against cold winter winds. Use Signature Minerals Face primer afterwards. This leaves skin primed to be the perfect canvas , plus makes the mineral make up more adherent. Use your finger tips to rub in small dabs in on your face and around your hairline. Remember to put a small dab on each eyelids too to make eye shadow and liner stay put.
  2. Cover any blemishes and discolorations. The beauty of using mineral make up is that it conceals lines, wrinkles and pimples naturally. The best brand for this is Everyday Minerals. They have the best concealers and color correctors. The company also sells a specially made brush to apply it. Dust a light covering under eyes. You may want to use a peach colored under eye concealer to make your eyes look s brighter and more alive. Use a green toned concealer to cancel out any red spots or inflamed zits. You can also even out your skin tone by applying lavender or blue toned powders before putting on your foundation.
  3. A deft hand with the brush. Powder foundations are a little more labor intensive than liquid ones. However the good news is that they give you a flawless porcelain look. First tap a few crumbs of foundation onto the inside of the foundation’s jar’s lid . Use a big foundation or kabuki brush and to swirl it around , so that the bristles are evenly covered. Then swirl onto your face, starting at the lower half and working your way upwards. You may want to swirl some on your eyelids as a base for your shadow. Swirl up around your ears and hairline too. One of the greatest aspects of mineral foundation is that you can blend it with other mineral foundations to customize the color to suit your skin tone. It will match perfectly.
  4. Wow them with a natural blush. Mineral blushes are the best because they give you a lit from within glow. They make you look radiant even if you’ve had a hard day or very little sleep. As with the foundation tap a few crumbs into the jar’s lid, swirl a kabuki or blush brush in them tap and gently swirl on your cheeks’ apples. You can extend this to the bridge of your nose and your temples for a sun kissed or a healthy blush. Again a s with foundations, you can create your own color by mixing two different shades. To accentuate cheekbones, then use a blush with microfine shimmer in it. Apply this to the tops of your cheekbones for a more sculpted look. Doing this also accentuates your eyes. You can also go with a mineral cream blush (such as what Tarte and Raesin Images have to offer) Apply it under your foundation for a more natural looking glow. You can also go with Revlon’s Sheer Gel Blush or Origin’s Pinch Your Cheeks. These are paraben free liquid blushes and produce a subtle color. Dab these on your cheek’s fullest parts before you put on your foundation.
  5. Eyes do. Mineral shadows give eyes a certain glow and make them more alive. If you’re going for darker jewel tones shades, such as emerald, sapphire or deep purple, then swipe on two layers. This type of eye color tends to go on lighter than other kinds and it takes a little extra work for a smoky look. For a more shimmery , bright eyed look , head towards shades that are bronze, silvery grey or a golden peach. Apply to both lid and brow bone for an all over ethereal look . Add a small dot of pale peach champagne shadow to the corner of the eyes to brighten them. You can line eyes, by using a darker version of what’s on the lid. You can also use black or a smoky grey. Again go to Everyday Minerals or elf for their excellent collection of deep shadows. If you want eyeliners then go to either Signature Minerals or Zuzu for pencil and liquid ones. Finish with a natural mascara (again Signature Minerals, Zuzu or the Swiss brand Colose). A great plus for natural make up wearers is the new rotating mascara, Spinlash. This has no parabens and gives an even coat for every lash! In fact it makes your lashes look like fake ones! A warning about all natural mascara. Anything from snow to tears can make it run. Stick a tube and some tissues in your evening bag.
  6. Pucker up for an all natural kiss. All natural lip sticks and glosses are great. They give lips a soft dewy look and feel without all those harsh pigments. If you want a more polished look go with Mineral Fusion’s, Ambodi’s or elf’s mineral lipsticks. The colors are lighter and work well with balancing smoky eyes. Apply just one time. For a sexier look, then go with Everyday Minerals lip color or Signature Minerals’ lip butters. These give your lips a nice gloss. One swipe across oyur upper and lower lips should do the trick.. Since mineral lipsticks don’t have much staying power, reapply through the night (Note: if you are looking for an all natural lip gloss that clings, try Stila’s Lip Glazes. They contain no harsh chemical and last though all those cheek kisses and champagne sips. The colors are not loud and they’ll add a runway glamour to your party outfit)
  7. The final touch. To make your mineral make up stay fresh , dust a light coating of a mineral veil over your face. Use an iridescent one in peach or pink to highlight your coloring. Using a larger kabuki brush (such as elf’s or Eco Tools) dust over face , neck and any other exposed part. Some mineral make up can look powdery after a few hours of wear. To avoid this, keep a small bottle of Evian water in your bag to spritz on your face. This keeps you looking fresh and dewy all night.

This holiday season use your mineral make up to give you a healthy yet high glamour look. Your skin will thank you for it after a night of staying up and partying!

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