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November 28, 2010 by holmes45  
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My favourite body lotion brands.

There are  hundreds of different body lotions on the market today. The texture of body lotions vary from light and silky to thick and greasy. These are my reviews on various body lotion brands.

Vaseline (complete care, aloe vera, whitening)

This is one of my favourite brand due to it makes my skin smoother. The only thing I don’t like is the products don’t have nice, fresh smell.

Alyssa Ashley Hand & Body Moisturiser

I love the white musk scent.  It’s refreshing and most of my boyfriends tell me that its smell  good.

The green tea lotion product is good too, but it has strong smell.

Nivea Body Lotion

I think this is very good product to moisture your skin and it smell good too. But I only use it to at night.

The Bodyshop Products

Bodyshop body lotion products have many variations and most of them are made from fruits. You should try the body butter instead of the body lotion for its great moisture. My favourite is the Moroccan Rose Body Butter,  because the smell, its last forever.

So, what is your favourite body lotion?

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