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February 2, 2011 by Liping0  
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It is a fashion, and it is sexy.

Japanese school girls skirt originated from female sailor uniform. It has been taken into Japan for many years and developed into their own culture.

Now days many school have the policy of making the skirt shorter, which let the girls look sexier. Before the fall of Japan many school skirt still are long below the knee, which make the school girl look a bit more mature looking, however after the fall of japans economic, the skirt become shorter and shorter.

What really amaze many foreign visitors is that the Japanese school skirt is too short to an unacceptable degree. Some skirt are as low as to nearly the bum, and with a soft wind blowing towards the skirt, it is easily flip up. However to make a contrast, many girls wear high stocking that is above the knee to match the short skirt.

The Japanese school girl also wear their uniform outside of school when they are hanging out. Not like other school uniform in different countries that is totally not a fashion, Japanese school’s uniform is a type of fashion that is recognizable and very popular throughout the teenage group. Young Japanese girls wear uniform that is sexy and have a high amount of views while walking on the street.

Japanese school girl skirt is also a type of sex reference. This kind of hinting goes on all the time, when you go on the street and ask men what they would want to look at. Probably the most commonly answered thing is that they want to look at Japanese school girls uniform rather than any other ones that look sexy.

So next time on the street of Japan, watch out for them!

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