Inner Beauty vs.. Outer Beauty

October 14, 2010 by Abigail Zhu  
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What really matters….

Modern society would have us believe that having good looks is all that matters to get far in life; superficial beauty supersedes inner beauty. Being bombarded with images from the media that portray what society deems as beauty, it is hard not to get influenced and buy into this perceived notion that outer beauty such as our physique such as eyes, hair, facial structure etc.., is what matters.

However, such beauty being portrayed is only skin deep and fades away with time; it will one day disappear. How then can superficial be considered real beauty? Real beauty should be something that becomes more beautiful as time passes. It is something that should last, not fade away with time.

It is a fact that we have perceived notion upon seeing a new person within the first few seconds, we tend to conjure up what we think the person is like based on how the person looks. But such an impression will change overtime, when we spend more time with them. A (superficially) beautiful person may be nice to look at but can be difficult to get along with, especially if that person but has a horrible personality. Can you imagine living with someone who was beautiful on the outside only, but in reality was such a horrible person?

No matter how beautiful an individual looks on the outside, if that person has a horrible personality, and apparently seems to have many friends, there is only one conclusion: that person is either very rich or has “provides” other benefits from which their “friends” can profit from; when the benefits are no more so will the friends’.

Ugliness is a personal perception, just as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Nevertheless, these are all but only skin deep. How many times have we been conned by that pretty looking apple, only to realize that there were worms in it all along?

In today’s society, it has become convenient to fix anything that we deem not physically beautiful (e.g. makeup, surgery). But how far can you go? There is a limit to how many physical flaws we can cover. However, real beauty is something that has to be natured and comes from within. An individual’s perception of morals and values, character and personality are what determines real inner beauty. It is the molding of one’s character that shapes inner beauty, making a person more beautiful regardless of their physical appearance.

Having said that, people should also realize that there is the need to complement their inner beauty by looking presentable and taking the time to dress up. Having inner beauty is not an excuse to scrimp on clothes and the necessary (e.g. accessories, make-up, hairstyle etc…). The reason being that first impressions count, so who’s going to bother to get you know you better if you don’t give the off a good first impression. Looking presentable and giving off a good impression is a good start, but having inner beauty us what will make that good impression last.

You might not have supermodel looks or be super thin, but when you are beautiful on the inside, it permeates onto your outer appearance and enhances the beauty you had all along. Though it may not be seen easily, inner beauty is something that attracts people more than just outer beauty alone; it something that lasts. A truly beautiful individual is one who is beautiful on the inside, then the outside. After all, without substance a person is nothing but an empty shell.

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One Response to “Inner Beauty vs.. Outer Beauty”
  1. Mj Ces Says:

    Striking a balance of being beautiful is great, but I still value inner beauty more than anything else. :)

    Have a great day!

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