In Order Not Awkward on a First Date

May 15, 2013 by Bruce Lee  
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The first date is never easy. Hope, nervousness, excitement mixed and appear out of nowhere even though you try to be calm. But, in fact, on the first date most people would be weird and awkward.

It is quite reasonable, because for the first time you and he spent time together alone together. Actually, there are ways that you can do to lessen first date awkwardness. It’s her tips:

1. Choose activities that are commonly performed

Choose activities that are used to you and he did. Eg jogging together or watch a movie. It is a “classic”, but the activities that are commonly performed, and he will make you feel more comfortable and less awkward when spending time together. If you really want to try new things, you should delay until the second or third date.

2. Use comfortable clothing

Women have always wanted to look beautiful and memorable. But a sense of comfort dressing remains number one. Choose clothes that you think make you comfortable and beautiful. Do not choose clothes that make you look beautiful but not comfortable. Because, you can make even busy with clothing not on a date.

3. Choose a casual dining place

If you plan to eat together, choose a place that is not too stiff or formal. Just choose relaxed atmosphere. Where to eat greatly affects your attitude and her. So, choose a place to eat that makes you and him comfortable and not stiff.

4. Choose a comfortable place to talk

Avoid crowded places when the first date. Because, he’s going to make you and communicate to get to know one another. It could be that you are busy looking for a place to just sit and eat. Talk was sober because the atmosphere is very crowded. Would also not be uncomfortable to tell each other in a long time.

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