Improve Your Manicure with Vinegar

April 4, 2008 by drAnn  
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Vinegar can help sanitize your nails during do-it-yourself manicures and speed drying, too. It can also help with French Tips.

Step ONE: Find a small bottle that sprays a fine mist, such as the pen-shaped see-through spray tubes that hand sanitizer comes in. These are sold for a dollar or two at most drugstores . Empty the bottle or tube and rinse it out, then fill it with vinegar.

Step TWO: After washing and drying your hands, simply spray the vinegar over your nails and air dry for a few seconds.

Step THREE: When your nails are completely dry, apply your polish.

Vinegar is a good germ killer, so this treatment will aid in protecting your nails against infection. A quick application of vinegar also helps the polish adhere better to the nail surface, so you will have less chipping and flaking.

Like French Tips? I use correction tape from the office product stores as a leave-on nail guide for for my French tips. There was a little learning curve getting it to go on right and some of the brands work better than others for helping with do-it-yourself French Tips, but after a little experimentation, now I have it down.

I start out by spraying my nails with vinegar and let them dry before applying a smoothing base coat. My favorite is Complete Care 4-in-1 Treatment. When the base coat is dry, then I press a strip of correction tape down in a curved line about one third from the top of the nail. When positioned, it tears off clean from each side of the nail and then I spray with vinegar again to smooth the tape. It doesn’t matter if the tape covers the whole nail tip because this is just a guide and I am going to touch it up with white polish anyway. If tape overlaps the top of the nail, a file will take it off neatly.

After filIing in with the white polish, I spray the tips with vinegar again to help speed the drying time before applying a top coat. Over the top coat, I prefer to use Sally Hansen’s wonderful Insta-Dri Speed Dry Drops, although cold water followed by a thin coat of mineral oil will tide me over in a pinch.

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4 Responses to “Improve Your Manicure with Vinegar”
  1. Rookie Says:

    Interesting!! But i have a question, y spray vinegar, is it not easier to just apply it with a cotton ball on the nails, or with a brush?? how is spraying better??

  2. Darlene McFarlane Says:

    This is a very informative article drAnn. I use vinegar for nearly all of my household chores, as a final rinse for my hair, and as a facial toner (ACV) but, I never thought of using it on nails.

    Thanks for the tips,

  3. drAnn Says:

    Rookie, any application method you like is fine! My feeling that a fine spray mist gives better coverage is just a matter of personal choice. I also soak my nails in a dish of apple cider vinegar after removing polish to restore nutrients before letting them dry in preparation for new polish. That would be the kind made from real apples, not the apple-flavored substitutes.

    Darlene, Yep, we dump it in the DW every wash and also in the clothes washer from time to time. The articles you wrote about vinegar are wonderful!

  4. vim3 Says:

    Thanks for the informative article…I’ll surely try this one out:)

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