How to Turn Damaged Hair Into Smooth and Shiny Locks

April 23, 2013 by x0kaylee560x  
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Is your hair full of split ends? Does it lack lustre and shine? Do you regularly use heated styling tools? Just follow the simple steps to put the life back into your locks!

You will only need one item for this process. It may sound strange but.. Mayonnaise! The egg yolk and oil used in mayo actually make it a miracle hair conditioner! Any mayonnaise will do; a cheap one will do the job just as well as a branded one so save yourself some pennies and purchase one like Tesco’s value range mayo.

Right, here we go..

All you have to do is get a big dollop of the mayo and smooth it over your hair, make sure it is well covered. To keep it from dripping you can wrap your hair in cling film or a plastic bag.

Make sure to do this BEFORE you wash your hair so as to remove the smell – the longer you leave it the better. If you can bare the smell then you can even keep it in overnight and wash out in the morning!

After rinsing it out, simply shampoo and condition your hair as normal. And tah dah! You will have lovely, soft, pefectly managable hair!

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