How to Look Like a Million Dollars on a Small Budget

November 11, 2010 by tinkakaya  
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It s astonishing how many people find it difficult to look like a million dollars on a very small budget, whereas in reality this is one of the simplest things one can do.


It s astonishing how many people find it difficult to look like a million dollars on a very small budget, whereas in reality this is one of the simplest things one can do.

By following these easy steps not only will you feel great but you will also look fantastic. At the same time people will treat you differently: let’s face it, we are always judged first on how we look and secondly, what we are.

Step one- For leisure time and all the other times when you are not at work a pair of good quality boot leg jeans without any fancy attachment to them. Make sure they are neither too tight nor too loose; they must fit like a glove. If you are on the cuddly side make sure that they don’t reach the waist. A high hipster is ideal. Do not wear a belt under any circumstances as this will give you the Caw Girl look, a definite no, no.

Step 2-The next item is the  top. For summer a fine white cotton of good quality which you will religiously wash by hand (never in the washing machine) This must have a V neckline and preferably raglan sleeves.( set in sleeve tend to drag down and this make the top look cheap) The sleeves no shorter than ¾ length  and not too tight, with a band on them: these can be pushed up or left down according to preference.  The top itself must not be body fitting regardless what size you are. It has to be loose but not baggy, with the knitted band falling just below the hip line; so in other words a straight line top in which you will fill comfortable and relaxed. I assure you, the quality of the top will show its value.

 If you take careful notice of the photographed women who appear in magazines, you will notice that the most elegant and beautiful are the ones who do not bulge out of their knitted tops or dresses.

The next top which is a must is the nautical look in fine stripes of white and navy.  A great style is the one with a rounded collar and a tab with little buttons in front. If you just cannot wear stripes than look for a solid navy blue with white cuffs and buttons. (before you say no to very fine stripes try one on, but first remember, nothing tight.

Other fine knitted tops of good quality can be in pearl grey, cream and dusty pink.

Step 3- This is the most expensive step, but one which you will only have to face up only once a year; shoes and handbag.  You need a very good pair of flat white leather shoes (please keep away from runners or any high heals and absolutely flat shoes) A pair of white leather moccasins always look expensive.  Match these with a white and navy largish size leather bag or a very good quality mixture of navy and white canvas trimmed in leather will fit the bill.

Remember that people, no matter who they are, look at the quality of the shoes and bag first and immediately form an opinion about you. The next thing is the fit and quality of your clothes with what I am suggesting you cannot go wrong.

Step 4- To finish off a great look get a light cotton scarf in pure white and a navy cap with a little brim. If you are an Australian resident Sportscraft has some really cute ones at very reasonable prices.

Step 4-Naturally sunglasses and carefully applied make up will finish off the look – Go for it, you will not regret it.


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