How to Look Good with a Flat Chest

July 30, 2010 by Jennifer Belleau  
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If you’re flat chested, it’s hard to deal with the "boob obsession" that many people have. However, sometimes your small breasts can be an asset to styles only you can pull off!

As a ridiculously late bloomer, I can say that I was flat chested for years and hated it.  I was a teenager, and very self-conscious.  While I wasn’t completely flat, I had little to work with, and I worried that other people were looking at how small my chest was.  I spent so much time trying to obsess over how to make myself look  bigger that I never got to pay much attention to ways that I could use my flat chest to my advantage. So here are some positives to being small in the chest area…

You don’t always have to wear a bra- If you’re larger than a B cup and have natural breasts, most likely they will not be super perky, especially if you’re not super young.  However, you can go without a bra if you are very small chested–even if you are well into your forties or fifties.  This makes it possible to wear many low-back styles of dresses without any cumbersome lingerie garments.  Kate Hudson’s low back dress would prevent her from wearing a good bra, if she were any bigger than she is.

You won’t sag as early- Smaller breasted girls don’t need to worry about sagging as much as bigger boobed women do.  If you have virtually no chest, nothing will sag at all.  If you have a small chest, you will experience a small bit of droopiness, but nothing compared to what larger girls have to worry about.

You can wear “sluttier” outfits- Large boobs make a dress look over-the-top sometimes, if it also shows off leg or if it’s too tight.  A super low neckline which exposes “side boob” can look classy if you have a small chest, and trashy if you’re well endowed.  If you’re an A cup, you can easily pull these dresses off without looking tacky.

Because Anne Hathaway has a large chest, her “side boob” looks like a mistake, and it doesn’t look as good as if she were smaller chested.

Kiera’s dress would look ridiculous and over-the top if her boobs were bigger…but because she’s almost flat-chested, it looks sexy and intriguing.

You can wear billowy tops- A loose, billowy top can make a large-chested girl look pregnant, because often, her waist needs to be accentuated in order to make the distinction that her breasts are large but she isn’t fat.  However, a flat chested girl can wear one of these straight-up-and-down shirts, and it won’t detract from her beauty.

And now, if you still don’t like being flat chested, here are some ways you can accentuate your bustline.

Ruffled tops- Ruffled tops create the illusion of volume in the chest area.  Especially if the ruffles are only on the breast region, this will really help to make you seem bigger.  A ruffled bikini top is also great for this.

Wear light colors on top and dark colors on bottom- A white shirt with a pair of black pants helps your hips to look smaller and your top to look bigger.  This is a way to disguise a pear shape too.

If you have a small waist, belt it- Belting a small waist, even if you don’t have much in the way of breasts, shows off an hourglass-like figure, and distracts from your chest.  A small chest seems bigger with the contrast of a tiny waist.

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