How to Keep Your Breasts in Shape

July 2, 2007 by pnkguru  
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Here are some scientific ways to uplift your breasts!

Hunger Strikes at Sight!

The breasts are wonderful pair of parts in a woman’s body. This beautiful breast causes pinning effect on men and women at every stage of its growth and development. It has its built-in special attraction; no one can escape from getting lured by the very sight of it. Everyone will agree and admire at their peculiar power to drag the men into a sort of hunger.

Power and Pride – Keep It Up!

This will happen only when you find them in good size, shape and manifestation, though it passes a series of changes and challenges during the phases of a woman. In her own interest and her desire to retain the power and pride amidst the society, she needs to take care of the beauty of the breasts.

Uphold the Act of Balancing!

If it is a machinery, I can ask you to put notices like “aware of sensitive organs!”, “handle with care!”, or “touch me not!” Here, the only protective guard, the bra has played its role to a certain extent to maintain its shape. However, the play of love and the essence of feeding the offspring might have bothered its manifestation. Hence, there is a need for maintenance through possible means. There are three ways to retain and maintain the breast size and shape of a woman:

Natural Ways to Maintain:

Take care while taking bath. You may keep your palms under the breast line give an upward massage from going from the center to the sides. Do not meddle with the nipple and surrounding area while massaging.

Stand in front of a smooth wall and keep your palms straight on the wall. Push it with pressure and move slowly upwards on the wall as if it slips. Your face will move automatically towards the wall. Come back do the same palm slipping exercise. This will strengthen the upper chest muscles above the breast. In turn this could support and keep the breasts pulling upwards. This will avoid breast sagging in course of time.

Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift:

Breast augmentation plastic surgery has become increasingly safe. The surgery adds only volume to the breast mound for a natural, fuller, more youthful shape. Now, breast augmentation is performed in combination with a breast lift for maximum benefit, correcting both volume and shape.

Breast Reduction and Reshaping:

Breast size reduction is performed by removal of excess tissue, fat and skin. The nipple-areola complex is reshaped to appear more natural.

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4 Responses to “How to Keep Your Breasts in Shape”
  1. anonamus Says:

    kewl thanks =D

  2. lisa Says:

    i’ve lost about 60 pounds lately, which made my breast looks as if they have been drained out and hanging around, they totally have lost their shape. what to do?

  3. raj.t380 Says:

    hi lisa make a bob frend and tell him suck and press them nicely in the way of excersise then you can regain your brest and can get a pleasure at a same time…………

  4. ram Says:

    i lost my boobs shape due to children feeding. how i will get good shape

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