How to Keep Skin Clear and Healthy

January 28, 2011 by khalida  
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These are a few things that one can avoid to get that perfect, healthy and clear skin.

Well,  clear  skin is every girl’s dream. I  don’t want to be biased as guys want to have clear skin too these days. So  here  are a few things one must avoid in order to have clear skin.

Taking hot showers

Hot water can damage delicate facial skin. If you are prone to redness, the heat can weaken your capillaries, making things worse.

Stressing out

Stress has a negative effect on your skin too. Try yoga and deep breathing and treat your skin to a de-stressing product. Avoid coffee and alcohol to relieve stress.

Rushing the cleansing act

Cleansing in a hurry using a packet wipes is an absolute waste of your time as this doesn’t help. Inadequate cleansing can lead to bacteria build-up and skin break-outs.


Sticking to a very low-fat diet can age and dull skin. Good fats are needed to keep the skin healthy and moisturized. Essential fatty acids from fish, eggs, flax seeds, walnuts  and  dark green vegetables are important.

Gobbling sweetmeats

Too much sugar in the bloodstream widens your waistline and can result in wrinkles. Snacks containing protein are the best option when cravings strike, especially nuts and seeds.

Avoiding sunscreen

If you slather on SPF protection only when the sun shines, you are not doing enough. Use a moisturizer with SPF-30-50 under make-up all year round.

Neglecting your neck

Apply all facial skin care products from the hairline right down to the neck and cleavage. Use n anti-oxidant serum under your sun protection moisturizer every day.

Exposing skin to pollution

Exposure to environmental pollution and passive exposure to tobacco smoke can cause oxidative stress and damage the skin.

Excess drinking

Alcohol dilates the capillaries and over time, leads to broken veins and flushing of the face. It depletes the body of vitamin A, an important anti-oxidant for skin elasticity. It dehydrates your skin, leaving it more prone to wrinkles. Make sure you drink six to eight glasses of milk every day.

Skipping sleep

Skin regenerates at night. So make sure you get eight hours of  proper  sleep. studies have shown that lack of  sleep can increase cortisol levels, associated with acceleration of the aging process

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  1. Farzeela Fee Faisal Says:

    Good tips, thank you Khalida.

  2. samgoldencoffee Says:

    i always skip sleep.
    thanks for the share.

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