How to Handle Your Sister – Sure Ways to Try

March 18, 2013 by Mr Arrogant  
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Do you have an irritating, stupid, bullying sister? Are you brothers tired of your sister’s behavior? Do not worry. Here I have tips for you to handle your sister.

·        When you are in your room all alone, listening to your favorite music and then you see your sister coming to you and trying to irritate you, you just shout: “Hey ! Oh!! Aww!! Why are you hurting me?” Even when she has not done anything to you.


·        If your sister’s a bit dominating and starts hitting you, slapping or punching you,  you become hurt but do not start crying. Instead act as if nothing has happened to you. Shout at her saying, “ is that all you can do? Can’t you hit harder instead?”


·        If you have a fight with your sister, always make her stomach an aim to punch or her thighs to pinch,but make sure you do not do it so hard that it seriously hurts her. Do not make it so soft too that she can’t even feel it.



·        .When you see your sister staring or looking at you, act strong and stiff and not weak, lazy or exhausted, even if you are smaller than her, pretend your strong and is not afraid of her.


·        5One trick you must really try. When you’re under the table, kick her. If she tells you to stop, act as if you don’t know anything and ask her, “ What? When did I do that?”


·        You can buy flowers for her, and can offer her that when she’s really mad at you. That you bring a temporary relief.

·        When she starts talking madly about something, just say she’s cooks really good, and thanks for cooking lovely dishes always. Tell her you’re going out and what time you’ll be back for dinner.

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