How to Get Your Man to Propose

January 7, 2013 by vijayanths  
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You are a well settled, good looking woman young woman having good morals and values. For some reasons, guys you come across seem to be interested only in having sex with you and have no intention to marry. You are not that type. On the other hand, men may not have a relationship with you if they can’t get what they want. So, how to pick the right man for your life and get him to propose? Please continue reading……

Pick the right man for your life first: You have your own dreams about your future husband and your marriage life. You also know what your career goals are, your ambitions and the kind of lifestyle you want to live with your husband. So, you shouldn’t be having any problem in picking the right man for your life. Now, how to get this guy to propose?

Appearance: Every love starts with physical attraction. It’s important to look pleasantly beautiful to your man. Men don’t want to marry the prettiest women on the Earth. Every woman is beautiful in her own way. Clean body, good oral hygiene and impeccable dressing will help a lot to attract your man.

Tips to attract your man: Confidence and how you carry yourself also play a role in creating interest in your man. Most men give a lot of importance to fidelity. Ensure your man you are a woman with high values and good morals. Let him know you are intelligent and at the same time humble. Let him understand that you are not economically dependent on him, yet you would love him to lead the family. Men need love and care; love your man with all your heart and let him know how much you care for him.

How to get him to propose: The most important thing is to make him dependent on you emotionally and personally. Let him realize you are the perfect woman for his life. Let him know, he can’t live a happy life without you. Let him realize you will always be there for him through thick and thin. Respect his family members and let him also know you will be the best mother for his children. If you are good at cooking and house keeping it will also help. Your ability to give him fulfilling sex will also have a great impact on him.

Do not rush him: Patience is the virtue you need. He may not be ready for the marriage yet. He may have reasons such as goals to be achieved in career, financial stability etc. The key to get him to propose lies in making him very much dependent on you in many matters.

Summary: Men are much different from women. However, if you know what men like in women and what they expect from women, it will become easier to get your dream man to propose. Thanks for reading.

                                                 How To Pick The Right Man For Your Life

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