How to Get Sexy Legs

March 3, 2010 by Seth Morgan  
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These exercises will help you tone your legs into smooth and sexy curves.

When it comes to impressing men, legs are the number one weapon of seduction that a lady has. Sexy legs are thin but not too thin, with slight curves and some muscle tone. How do you change your legs into these shapely, sexy things? There are a number of ways to do it, but you really should combine a number of exercises together in order to get proper muscle tone and definition.

Jogging or running will really help your legs gain some sort of definition. You don’t need to become a dedicated runner, only a short 3 miles twice a week should do it, but be sure that you do run as best as you can to get best results. You can also use a stretch called the bicycle stretch, in which you lie down on your back and kick your feet as if you riding a bicycle. A proper demonstration can be found here: Bicycle stretch.

In order to show off your new sexy legs, you have to learn how to present them. Don’t wear extremely short and revealing shorts or pants; instead, wear a fashionable skirt that is just above your knee caps, and flex your legs every so slightly when you sit down. Also remember to point your toes, and maybe consider tanning your legs and arms to become even more desirable.

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