How to Dress Well and Looks Good?

December 10, 2010 by Elbrato  
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We feel good when we look good. Human beings are objective; they judge people by its cover which means the way you present your appearance plays an important role in your future success either courier or relationship. So how do we dress well and looks good?

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To looks good doesn’t means you get to be as handsome as Brad Pitt or having such beauty like Angelina Jolie. The key point is to dress up and feel confident with your appearance. It may sound as easy as ABC but there are still a lot of people who dress horribly without considering their body shape, size and skin colors. Well, there is still hope but first you got to realize the few points described as such:

A)     Body Shape: Normally people who are slim doesn’t have the problem of finding suitable clothing but still there need to make sure that their clothing shouldn’t be tight but a bit loose. Wearing tight suit will only make them looks like fiddle. On the other hands, the chubby one should avoid loose clothing; it will only make them looks fatter and horrible.

B)      Colors: It generally divided into two groups which are light colors or dark colors. Light colors are only for slim or moderate size individual. Dark color on the other hands well suit chubby individuals. Dark color like black have the properties of “slimming effect”, they give the illusion of slimmer body. Light color like white will show your prominent body shape.

C)      Skin colors: People who having darker skin color should avoid wearing dark tone clothing. If it’s the case of chubby individual, they could choose moderate tone colors like brown, light grey, sky blue and so on. Ergo, they still able to retain the “slimming effect” properties. In contrast, dark colors are suitable for people who are having light skin color. This is because the dark colors contrasting the light skin tone and giving the appearance of faithful skin.

D)     Clothing with Stripe pattern: Horizontal stripe will be horrible for chubby individuals. It will only make them looks round and fat like a stretched rubber. Vertical stripe suit them well as it give the impact of elongated body and make them looks slimmer.

E)      Contrast: Another important key point is colors contrast. If you are wearing office suit which basically the same colors from tops to bottom, it is recommended to add some accessories like silver necklace, pin and neck tie to increase the contrast. It will make you stand up even more. For female who are wearing makeup could put on lip-gloss or lip-stick that is shiny red or glowing pink.

F)      Tidiness:  The last but not least is to make sure that your clothing is kept tidy without wrinkles. For male, it’s essential to iron their clothing.

If you could make use of these 6 key points of dressing, you definitely will looks much better and who knows you might be the “star” that people look upon to.     

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