How to Cover Up Your Bald Spot with Weave

June 17, 2010 by hemanuja  
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Learn how to make your hair look real with a few quick pieces of weave.

I am now in my 29’s and had a bald head since I was 12. Over the years, started to grow a bald spot duty a year, is now the size of a small mango. 

I have learned to look to follow (the “frame”) my hair and make it real so I’ll tell you how to do step by step. First you must find and buy the track and the desired color into your hair. Make sure it is long enough for what you do. Then you must also buy a lock. A “conclusion” is the last piece of the action. Weaving hair is now so advanced now that you do not sit in the mirror and turn in a circle until the hair in a tight circle. Now you can buy the circle. 

As soon as everything you buy, washing and conditioning the hair as usual. Then, depending on the style you want, you can incorporate your own hair and dry hair gel, and can stick the fabric on top of your own hair. 

I love my tail hair horseshoe around my head until I get to the crown of my head. That is, where are you going to a hair circle in? If the circle is the size of a cup of coffee on a regular basis, you should stick to the closure and put it in the middle of the bat. 

It is simple and efficient and not consumes too little time.

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