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February 7, 2011 by Conviron Pucate Altatis  
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She is an amazing singer but not that pretty. Her manager asked her to have surgery.

Tonibert is one of the newest but the most successful celebrity manager. He is responsible for the success of the teen singing superstar, Belinda. Now that Belinda is 20, Tonibert thought that he can find another Belinda so he scoured the country and found a high school 16-year-old exceptional singer, Nyomara.

It is clear that Nyomara can sing a lot better than Belinda can but Belinda is a lot prettier. Belinda has no problem passing the torch to a new teen singing superstar. She suggested Nyomara to undergo cosmetic surgery. Tonibert liked the idea a lot.

Nyomara is a very conservative country girl and believed that she can make it to the music industry without having to be as pretty as Belinda. Tonibert also discovered a new teen male actor, Rigoberto. Nyomara was attracted to Rigoberto but Rigoberto likes Belinda. That made Nyomara consider cosmetic surgery.

Tonibert couldn’t wait but introduce Rigoberto and Nyomara to the public. So, Tonibert talked to Nyomara’s father, Xerxes, about the cosmetic surgery. Nyomara was so upset that her Dad agreed without a doubt. Xerxes explained that the aesthetic operation will not change her as a person but will change her life forever.

On the other hand, Xerxes is paralyzed. Nyomara’s parents used to be rich businessmen. And during one wedding anniversary, the couple fell to the ground during a horseback riding. It left Xerxes paralyzed but his wife passed away. Now, Nyomara is ready to bring back her parents riches and steal Rigoberto from Belinda. She agreed to have cosmetic surgery before her music debut.

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