Here Some Tips to Find a Perfect White Gold Wedding Band for Him

October 11, 2013 by stuartclock  
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Convincing a guy to wear a white gold wedding band is a hard task, especially when most men these days do not like to wear jewelry. Some of them seem to have an aversion to it and this is one has been an old story. But when they love you with all their heart and soul then wearing a wedding band for the rest of their life seems to be a very small thing to ask for. But that does not mean that they need to wear a band which they do not like or are uncomfortable in. Choosing white gold wedding bands for a guy is quite similar like choosing it for women, since we want only the best and want something that brings out the best of our personality yet being comfortable at the same time.


One of the most important things to know while choosing a wedding band for him is the type of metal that your man loves. Wedding bands can be crafted from gold, silver, tungsten, platinum and palladium. These metals appeal to most men since these metals look very simple and classy. If you are working within a tight budget then perhaps you would want to go in for a band that is made of white gold, since they are a tad easy on the pocket. However if price is not your criteria then the world is your oyster.

The fit of the ring is also very important while choosing a wedding band for him click here to know more about it. There are three types of fits available in the market. The half round, the comfort type and the pipe fit band.  If your guy hates wearing jewelry then the comfort type fit is ideal, as the name suggests it is very comfortable to wear.  For a guy who prefers a traditional wedding band, the half round is best since it has the timeless classic pattern of a curved exterior. Pipe fits are for those who like a bit of finesse and are looking for a contemporary touch as it comes with a flat top with edges that are straight.

The width of the ring is also essential. Click here for more information on the width. A ring that is anything less than 7mm will end up looking very delicate on your man’s hand. It is best to try and convince him to go on your wedding band shopping spree so that he can try out the various options that are available. It is better to have him have a say while choosing the band especially when he is not fond of wearing jewelry. So that it is less likely that he will take it off.

Men would prefer to go in for a wedding band that looks simple and plain. Make sure whatever white gold wedding band you pick out it should be something you both love and he cherishes it for his lifetime.

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