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August 6, 2010 by smartwriter123  
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The article focuses on following a healthy diet for healthy hair.

A healthy diet plan is very necessary to maintain a healthy body and when it comes to hair, you should strictly switch to moderate food habits. With millions of people being affected by hair loss, or damaged hair, I have writing this post comprising suggestions to attain healthy body and hair.
What to eat?
Fruits and vegetables prove to be the best source of energy as they are highly rich in proteins and vitamins. Also, these healthy things do not consume much of energy in digestion.

  • My first advice to everyone would be to eat plenty of green vegetables such as spinach and leafy vegetables according to the seasons.

  • Seasonal fruits should be a “must-to-eat” in your diet plan.

  • Another good source for blood circulation is vegetable juice and soups. As a matter of fact, a good circulation of blood leads to a healthy body as well as lustrous hair.

  • Sprouts aid in easy digestion.

  • Amla (Indian gooseberry) Juice, a rich source of Vitamin C and Iron, helps a lot.

  • Fresh coconut water and Ashgourd juice enhances hair growth.

What to avoid?

  • Deep fried dishes – say a BIG NO to these.

  • Sweets made of white sugar.

  • Be not an addict of Tea, Coffee and Soft drinks.

  • Also avoid excessive spicy food.

In addition to the above, if a healthy regime of exercise, yoga and pranayam (under the supervision of a trainer) is followed, it will definitely accelerate the growth and revival of hair.

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