Head Lice. 10 Natural Ways to Get Kill Them for Good

April 5, 2013 by joanofark  
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Being a nurse and mother of three I know how difficult a head lice infestation can be to get rid of. As soon as it even seems like there might be lice on your childs head, you must act and act quick. Head lice, just like many other bugs, head lice are getting resistant to pesticides on the market and it’s time to try the more natural remedies.

What is Head lice?

The lice is tiny bugs, and can just be seen with the eye. They live on the scalp of people. The lice lay their eggs in the hair, and glue them to the roots of the hair shafts. These lice live from the human blood and are extremely contagious, hence the break outs of head lice in schools.

Symptoms of Head lice

There are not many symptoms to having head lice. Children may experience itcing scalps, and scratch the scalp allot. The most visible signs of head lice is the nits, or lice that can be seen in the hair. Heavy infestations might cause an allergic reaction in the person and swollen lymph nodes might be observed.

Killing then Dead

You can opt to buying chemical shampoos, that are extremely expensive and many time does not work, or try remedies that moms have tried and tested, and it worked. Try the following:

  • Coat the hair with olive oil. You can add peppermint and tea tree oil. Put a shower cap on, and leave it on for and hour. Comb through with a metal lice come, and wash with normal shampoo. Repeat for a week, daily. ( lice breath through a hole on their bodies, the oil makes them suffocate and die)
  • White vinegar undiluted. Pour the vinegar undiluted onto the hair and keep in for a few minute. The vinegar dissolves the  get glue with witch the eggs glued to the hair. Rinse of and use conditioner and comb all the lice out with a metal lice comb. Be careful because the vinegar might irritate the scalp.
  • Vinegar and olive oil on the hair, keep a shower cap on for and hour and comb through with a metal lice comb.
  • Plain cheap conditioner. Heaps of it on the hair, keep on as long as possible with a shower cap. Comb through with the conditioner in using a metal lice comb. Kills the lice and makes it easy to comb them out.
  • Tea Tree oil, of Tea Tree Shampoo works very well
  • Tea Tree oil can also be added to conditioner and applied on dry hair. Comb lice and nits out and wash.
  • Tea Tree oil in a spray bottle, sprayed on the hair can help keep from reinfecting lice.
  • Hair straighteners can help to kill the lice and nits.
  • Blow drying hair, and applying hairspray can help to keep the ugly Little bugs away.
  • Suggestion for your own repelling shampoo: add the following ingredients to a normal shampoo bottle: 1 tsp of tea tree oil and 1 tsp of rosemary or eucalyptus oil. Please use eucalyptus oil with extra care, making sure your children don’t get it in their mouth or eyes.

I hope this helpful to all the mothers out there, with this problem! Happy bug hunting!

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