Women…steps on How to Look Better Naked

March 25, 2011 by King Darius 2  
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Women, here are five steps on how you can look better in the nude for your man, things that can add to your sex appeal, and advantages you’ll have in the bedroom that will make him go crazy for you.

Women, this is an article that i wrote for you all to help those out there who are already sexy and know there sexy, be even more sexier and confident while holding back nothing for the imagination.

Step 1: Staying Fit

It is important to stay fit for yourself and for your man. It is always good to drink water. Especially about 2 liters of it a day. Also, exercise regularly to keep you body in shape. 5 days a week for about 30 min. a day is good enough. Just stay true to that.

Step 2: Groom to Perfection

Make sure you look good for him! Defuzz any extra hair thats at unwanted places. Hit those armpits, legs, and even around your Circle of Life. You never know if he wants to make a trip downtown. Also, for lighter tone females, tanning is good. It gives your body that new glistening look. Makes sure your hair looks natural, your make-up is perfected, and it never hurts to put on a hint of perfume.

Step 3: Create the Scene

It never hurts to add to the atmosphere. Dim the lights. Especially if you have small wattage lamps or even lighting candles would add to the mood as well. Make sure the room temperature is precise. Not too cold to where you are hunched over and your shoulders are in a very unsexy pose. Also, not too hot to where both of you are stinky, sticky, and sweaty. Not a good combination.

Step 4: Work What You Got

Be confident in your skin. Don’t hold in your stomach. It doesn’t look natural and makes you look sickly and insecure. Stand tall. Head up. And don’t ever fiddle around…ever. To add to the persona of being sexy, keep one leg in front of the other when walking or sitting. It adds definition to your leg muscles and hips. Also, eye contact is crucial. Keep his attention on you…all of you.

Step 5: Accessorize

Wear what you can without wearing too much. You are naked. Maybe add a prop or item to your body. Maybe a very unique necklace, a special bracelet, or a sexy scarf. Even bows can be sexy when worn the right way. Believe or not, glasses are also very sexy on an attractive woman. Anything that adds to your nakedness and to the mood should be attempted.

Hope this helps.

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