Why Women Should Not be Ashamed to Skip Shaving

July 12, 2011 by J Lee Phelan  
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Shaving and waxing are just a couple of the torturous habits that have been assigned to the female gender. However, it is not necessary for all women to shave all the time.

If a man chooses to grow a beard it is looked at as a choice in style. If a women skips a few days shaving her legs or underarms, she is seen as disgusting, gross, lazy, and dirty. Does this seem unfair to anyone else? This silly grooming habit is not as necessary as most think.

There are plenty of reasons for a woman to choose not to shave. Some have sensitive skin, and shaving can irritate it. The resulting bumps, redness, and pain are much worse than having some perfectly natural body hair. Yet women with sensitive skin continually put themselves through it in order to meet society’s view of beauty. Shaving can also result in ingrown hairs, which are painful and certainly not flattering. Shaving the legs, underarms, and bikini area also takes time. Rushing the process usually results in cuts in some inconvenient places. These days no human, and especially women, really have the time for such a pointless grooming habit. Additionally, getting a professional wax is not cheap. Not only do you have to pay the base rate, but there is also the tip to consider. 

Even though there are plenty of reasons not to shave, people insist on grasping onto some outrageous misconceptions. One of the most common is that it is unhygienic for a woman to not shave. This is not true. Soap penetrates through the hair on legs and underarms just as it penetrates through the hair on your head. Leg or underarm hair does not create an impregnable boundary that repeals soap. The same goes for deodorant. The hair under your arms will not prevent deodorant from soaking through. If anything, the hair prevents sweat from dripping down your side, which most everyone will agree is not a pleasant experience.

Another thing to keep in mind is that women typically do not have thick hair on their legs or underarms. However, most have no idea how thick their hair is because they never tried letting it grow out. Most of the time this hair is not overly noticeable. Even if it is obvious, there is nothing wrong with having body hair.

Not all women have to have perfectly hairless bodies. There is nothing shameful or disgusting about a woman having hair on her legs or underarms. Try fighting against society’s preconceived view of female beauty by skipping this unnecessary grooming habit.  

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