Why My Hair is So Darn Healthy

June 25, 2013 by Emily Jamison  
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My hair is anything but virgin, but I rarely get split ends regardless. Discover my tips and tricks to healthier hair in this article.

I’ve always had relatively healthy hair, in fact, I don’t remember getting a split end until I was sixteen. Hairstylists never have any complaints about my hair, unless you count it’s volume. Sometimes, I find it a little strange that my hair is so healthy, seeing as it’s very long, I use heat on it sometimes and I used to highlight it. Here’s my conclusion:

I never blow-dry my hair. Now, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with blow-drying your hair. I used to do it all the time. However, what I found was blow-drying my hair straight resulted in frizzy hair, which meant I would have to straighten my hair afterwards. That added up to drier hair in the long run. If you can do without the blow-dryer, even a couple days a week, it will help the overall healthiness of your hair. 

I condition. A lot. I checked out the book Curly Girl from the library, just to see what it said about wavy hair. While I couldn’t adapt to what most of the book said, I did like what it said about conditioner. Its technique is to comb through your hair while the conditioner is in it. Sometimes, combing through your hair is going to take a lot of conditioner. And that’s okay. Another trick I like to use with my conditioner is leaving it in while I shave my legs. I feel like this adds a little more of a moisturizing boost. 

Cover of Curly Girl

I only use heat tools twice a week. Part of it’s because I’m lazy, but other than my bangs, I limit curling or straightening my hair to twice a week. When I straightened my hair everyday, my hair was much drier than it is today and didn’t look as good with its natural texture. In addition to this, I always use heat protectant. 

hair being straighten with a regular curly iron. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I try not to shampoo everyday. This is the one I slip up on the most, but when I shampoo less, my hair is less dry. Now, don’t think that you have to have greasy hair. You can use dry shampoo in between washes or simply skip the shampoo while you’re in the shower. That’s right, just get your hair wet and go straight to conditioner. Believe it or not, this actually leaves your hair less greasy than when you started. That’s because just getting it wet helps pull the oils through the hair shaft, getting them off your scalp. 

I stopped bleaching my hair. Bleach. Ick. Let me tell you, bleaching your hair is not worth it. I’ve been relatively lucky to have a nice, full head of healthy hair after I bleached it two year ago. I’m still growing out the damage, but it takes time. If you want lighter hair, try a shampoo formulated to bring out your natural highlights or a natural remedy. You’ll thank me later.

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