Why Hair Stylists Hate Boxed Dyes

August 16, 2013 by Spider39  
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Hairstylists are constantly competing with do-it-yourself hair dye products on the market versus those that they use in the salon. For the consumer, boxed dyes are a convenient, inexpensive way to color their hair in the privacy of their own home. Box color is formulated so that anyone can use it, but not everyone’s hair type, condition or color is suited for the process.

Aside from the loss of income resulting from clients coloring their hair with boxed hair dyes, stylists may find it difficult to undo the damage caused when a client who has used boxed hair dyes in the past returns to the salon to receive a professional color. Surprisingly, there are still box dyes in 2013 that use metallic salts. Metallic salts accumulate in layers on the hair over time and are very difficult to remove by even the most expert stylist. In addition, the accumulation of the metallic salts will make the hair’s texture feel hard to the touch over time.

Boxed hair dyes also typically contain an excessive amount of p-phenylenediamine  (PPDs) causing an increase of allergy occurences worldwide that can produce unsightly reactions and in some cases, death.

Ammonia is another culprit of most boxed hair dyes. This chemical is used to essentially open up the hair shaft so that the permanent color can penetrate it thoroughly. However, ammonia can cause permanent damage to the hair shaft due to its corrosive nature and actually strip the hair of essential components ( proper pH, tyrosine and moisture.)  Hair cuticles that have been damged by ammonia will result in split, damaged ends and will cause the hair to continue to fade if used repeatedly. In addition, ammonia damages the scalp’s sebaceous oil glands, that prevent the secretion of natural oils that moisturize the hair.

Hair that has been colored using low grade dyes is usually not uniform in appearance when done repeatedly. Actually, when consumers decide to change their hair color, it is best to let a professional stylist perform this adjustment. A strand test is the only reliable way to preview a new color and be thoroughly dry in order to check the true color and to detect hair breakage or hair damage.  This test can also allow adjustments to be made to the hair color formula to cancel out or enhance different undertones in the test strands.

Hairstylists are also miffed that retail store hair dyes will one day put them out of business. Many of their clients are discovering that they don’t have to spend a fortune to cover their gray anymore.  However, stylists hate to see their clients use mainstream boxed hair dyes because they can actually cause significant damage or turn the hair green if they contain inferior ingredients. This can even occur when low grade henna dyes are used!

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