Why Do Men Hate Bangs?

October 19, 2010 by Jennifer Belleau  
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Women often cut their hair into "bangs" when they’re going for a new and exciting look…but bangs fail to arouse this same excitement in men.

Girls love bangs, boys hate bangs.  Maybe it’s not entirely that simple, as there is always a guy out there who loves a good fringe, but all in all, bangs are one of those fashion statements that women love and men hate.  But why?  Sometimes bangs are quite flattering–why would a guy dislike something that was flattering?

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Bangs desexualize a woman’s hair, simply put.  Remember when you were a kid and you had bangs so you wouldn’t get your hair in your food?  Yup, that’s how they see it.  Once again, bangs can look good on many women and of course there are some men out there who like them.  But think of bangs as the female equivalent of the mushroom cut.  You’d be pretty weirded out if you dated a guy with a mushroom cut because it would remind you of the kid you played Legos with in first grade.

Some women wonder if “side swept bangs” cause the same problem.  They don’t.  Men hardly even notice sideswept bangs and as a matter of fact, even if the bangs were pointed out, men probably wouldn’t even consider them to be bangs.  If you’re the kind of person who looks good in bangs, but you want to avoid this pitfall, try sideswept bangs.  They’re almost universally flattering.

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10 Responses to “Why Do Men Hate Bangs?”
  1. carissimi Says:

    lol i just cut my hair and yup bangs….!!! giggles…

  2. Truth Teller Says:

    gross bangs! puke! ugh SICK!

  3. isarellano95 Says:

    wow didnt know that.. pretty awesome article, but where did you get your funds to say that ??

  4. Meibelle212 Says:

    i laughed reading this article. Bangs are an iffy topic. I really think it depends on how they’re cut, more blunt and fringe like bangs seem to be a be hit with guys as of late, but I may be wrong!

    Great article! I’m a fan =)

  5. MightyDreamer Says:

    This was hilarious to me! So is the bang hairstyle of the picture to this article smh… There maybe three other sides of certain types of bangs. Some cuts look, “old school librarian” maybe, 50’s mom. There’s the little girl look that make sophisticated men feel like perverts maybe lol… and then there’s the man that thinks they are oh so cute, because she looks youthful and playful.. Who the heck can tell for sure what man wilt think what about any hairstyle. A mushroom any type hairstyle though may not be the best move for any woman to make a hairstyle out of… It’s just simply passe.

  6. glamgirldoll Says:

    That is so true!

  7. E Says:

    Bangs are so not attractive… I like women that have absoltuely no bangs and their hair just straight. Bangs is so like 80’s and past… Straight hair with no bangs is so sexy… Bangs=NOT SEXY AT ALL!!

  8. Nerdessence Says:

    My husband loves bangs. He thinks they soften a woman’s face and make her look cuter. On the other hand, his largest turn-ons are energy and spunk.

    I find the men who enjoy women with bangs value youthfulness (actual or figurative) and sweetness over a more typical stoic or classical beauty.

  9. some dude Says:

    These bangs make you look like a friar or a poodle. I’m a lunatic and ” I hate bangs on girls” and “bangs are ugly” and related searches are rare. The question “are bangs ugly?” on yahoo questions has been untouched since 2006. It’s my mission to inform all women that yes straight across bangs are horrible and need to stop being an option. This f’ing trend keeps coming back over and over again during the last couple of years. Every time I see a woman I know appear with this terrible hairstyle it makes me cringe. It’s like you want to look stupid and childlike. MY GOD I HATE THAT DAMN BOwLCUT LOOKING STRAIGHT ACROSS THE FOREHEAD BANGS!!!! If one beautiful, radiant girl sees this and doesn’t get this disgusting excuse of a DOG’S haircut I will die happy. Don’t hide your pretty face behind these horrible things.

  10. Christopher Says:

    I found this article by Googling “I hate bangs on girls”. Everytime I see a woman get bangs it makes me think they look like a little kid. I have always found them super unflattering. There have been so many women I’ve met who I found attractive, and then I see them again, but with bangs, the attraction is killed. Side swept bangs aren’t nearly as bad, but why even do that?

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