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February 19, 2011 by EmeraldFlare  
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Looking for a change, dramatic or subtle? Here’s a few ideas to get you started.


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Well, it’s happened again, you’re bored of your hair. Whether you’re a girl or guy there are plenty of options and ideas to try. It can be anything as dramatic as a new colour or cut, or as subtle as changing which side your fringe lays on. We should get started on some ideas then.

Long, medium or short?

Blue, black or blond?

Spiked, styled or flat?

There’s an array of styles and cuts to choose from, and they can either reflect your personality or just be there to compliment your facial contours. Be adventurous or be casual, it’s your choice. Most of these are applicable for both male and female.

If you aren’t looking for a new cut but rather a new style there are lots of things you could try. You could;

- change the pattern of your hair.

- pull your hair over to create a side fringe.

- pull your hair back and put in a hairband.

- tie it back into a ponytail.

- tie it into pigtails.

- braid your hair, either into pigtails or just into a ponytail, it’s really up to you.

- straighten your hair.

- curl your hair.

- make your hair wavy.

- crimp your hair.


          There’s so many things to do without even cutting it. But if you are looking to cut it, there’s even more options. There are many haircuts but not all of them will suit you, it’s a good idea to have a look at the shape of your face before you do anything. It really makes a difference and it may help you on deciding what you want to do with your hair in the long run. Anyway here’s some basic ideas to think of to help you choose what haircut you want.

          Would you be willing to style your hair everyday to get that look?

          How does your hair sit naturally?

          What condition is your hair in? (e.g. split ends)

          How long do you want your hair?

          How short would you want it?

          Would your hair be able to stand up to the weather?

Considering all of these factors should help you get a grasp on what kind of cut you are looking for. Of course looking through pages of pictures might help. I’ll get you started.



There’s only one thing left now; hair colour. Should you reach for the bottle of dye? Of course, it isn’t a necessity, so you don’t need to, there is a big enough change in changing your haircut and hairstyle. But if you want to go for the final jump consider a few things first.

          Are you happy with your natural hair colour?

          Are you willing to dye your hair regularly?

          Is your hair in good enough condition to dye it?

          Will you do it at home or get it done professionally?

          Do you want highlights and/or low-lights?

          What colour do you want it?

After thinking about each question, you should be even closer to deciding what cut, colour and/or style you want. Have fun and good luck.

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