What Men Think About Your Hair and Makeup

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What men think about your hair and makeup.

Ce cred barbatii despre parul si machiajul tauHave you ever thought about what they think about the men you meet as you arrange the hair and makeup like? 

Cosmopolitan has sought answers to these questions for you, both among men and with the help of specialists. This is what attracts men’s attention in terms of makeup and hair and what they think about how you embellished.

A. Makeup

1. What first observed

Cosmopolitan reporters following question addressed a number of 100 men on the street: “What you notice first in a girl: eyes or lips?”. 81% said they see the eyes, lips and 19%.

2. Eye Makeup

Men prefer to be highlighted with black eyes, but many girls are tempted to try different colors.According to anthropologist Helen Fisher, the makeup of the “smoky eye” makes your eyes appear larger, and men find this as attractive. To effect a result of trying a fine line with black ink and then a gray shadow.

3. Genes

If you usually use false lashes, you might want to redirect. Men do not like falsehood, they want to see what is natural to you. And even if you like the attention they attract when you put fake eyelashes, try to limit yourself to only apply mascara to your natural lashes.

4. How much makeup you

For many men, an excessive or poorly applied make-up is disappointing. However, lip gloss and mascara is better than none at all. Putin added feminintate makeup and suggest that these women care about looks. According to a New York specialist in makeup, Amanda Redgrave, four products essential for a woman to have a touch ofbeauty are a little concealer, mascara, lip gloss and a bit of blush to the cheeks, to give color.

5. Men perceive beauty differently

Following a recent study, a team of researchers has found that women use both sides of the brain to perceive beauty, while men use only part right. This means that they give much more attention to details, while they observe the whole beauty.

6. Blush is important

Another study showed that little blush makes men find you attractive, most likely because it suggests health. Apply blush to the cheeks, but be careful not to be harsh or excessive.

7. Lips

Often, women think that the lipstick color shoes – you are bored, are other, perhaps more daring.But men are not attracted too wild or shades of lip gloss applied in large amounts because they think that those lips so “painted” kiss him, and that bright lipstick and gloss that will stretch too much on his face.

B. Hair

1. The style and routine

Another question that was addressed to the 100 men surveyed on the street was: “Do you care if a woman arranges her hair the same every day?”. 71% answered “no”, and 29% – “yes.”

2. Braided tails

All the hundred were asked if they like tails, woven, in various forms, or if they find inappropriate.83% said they find them cute, and 17% that are inappropriate.

3. Hair left loose or free?

43% of respondents said they prefer a woman to have hair caught, they like 37% free, while 20% said both are the same for them. 

4. Asymmetrical haircuts

Surprisingly, 76% of men polled said they love the haircuts , while 24% said they disliked them.

5. Coat

55% of men said they find sexiest medium length, about a palm wide across the shoulders, as opposed to very long hair.

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