Weekly Handy Tips Series: Dandruff Control

August 24, 2008 by Rookie Expert  
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Seven ways to get rid of that stubborn dandruff.

Dandruff is a very common problem affecting both men and women alike. All of us have suffered at one time or the other from this scalp condition. Its embarrassing, causes itching and basically unwanted!

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Following basic hygiene for a dandruff free scalp helps. Like keeping your combs, towels and pillow covers clean by washing them regularly; you should avoid sharing combs or brushes, as it can cause cross infection and lead to dandruff; washing your combs and brushes each time you shampoo your hair; and the most important shampooing your hair at lease every third day.

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I am listing here, in no particular order, seven ways to get rid of that stubborn dandruff using things you will find in your medicine cabinet or around the house. These ‘things’ listed below, have other basic uses, and were not solely made to treat dandruff. I know there are tonnes more that could have been on the list, these are the ones I prefer to talk about today.

  1. Asprin

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    Powder two aspirin tablets and mix it with the amount of shampoo you’ll need for one time. Use this shampoo-asprin mix and work up the lather. Leave on the hair for two minutes (if you have time, try leaving it on for about 10 minutes) then wash, follow up with your usual conditioner.

  2. Baking Soda

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    Mix about 1 teaspoon of baking soda to your shampoo and rub into your hair and scalp. Leave it on for half an hour. It should sting a little bit, if not, try adding a bit more baking soda. Then Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Condition as usual.

  3. Boric Powder

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    Warm any hair oil of your choice. To this, add one tablespoon of boric powder and let it to dissolve into the warm oil. Massage this oil and boric powder mix into the scalp properly. Keep for atleast an hour or preferably overnight. If using at night, tie an old scarf to your hair to protect your clothing and pillow covers from the oil stains. Shampoo as usual.

  4. Dettol

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    Now I understand that dettol is not so easily available in the USA. Maybe you could order it online. For those of you who are not familiar with it, its an antiseptic liquid used to clean up wounds; you could disinfect babies nappies with it; it has a lot of alternative uses, but that is for another article, another time.
    Put 1 tablespoon dettol in about 500ml water (or one part dettol to 40 parts water). Use this water for shampooing. Follow up with usual conditioner.

  5. Listerine

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  6. There’s something about using a mouthwash in your hair! One, it’s very refreshing and jokes apart, listerine is a good anti-dandruff option. Soak your scalp and hair in listerine. Keep it on for about 15 minutes. Wash with warm water. Then shampoo and condition as usual. Your hair will be dandruff free and feel light.

  7. Preparation H

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    Now this is something I wouldn’t have guessed! But sources say, it works. Section hair and massage some preparation H ointment into your scalp.(Working in sections is easier). Then take another section and repeat. Cover the entire scalp like this. Do this everyday for a week. The dandruff should be gone.

  9. Olive Oil

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    Mix together 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of lime juice. You could warm up the olive oil a bit before mixing the lime juice. Massage thoroughly into scalp and hair. Tie an old scarf to your hair to protect your clothing and pillow covers from the oil stains. Keep overnight. Shampoo the following morning. Not only will your hair be dandruff free, but soft and shiny too.

Bonus Material 

Make A Soothing Itchy Scalp, Dry Scalp Natural Remedy

The lady in the video has a very strong British accent, I like it. Its worth watching and trying out. Its all natural and cannot cause any side effects! You’ve got nothing to lose. 

Alternative Anti-dandruff Treatments

This guy gives two more fun, easy options. I am not saying what they are, you check out the video.

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11 Responses to “Weekly Handy Tips Series: Dandruff Control”
  1. IcyCucky Says:

    awesome tips! I love the uses of aspirins, mouthwash, and baking soda!

  2. Lauren Axelrod Says:

    Boric acid, really? I’ve used this to get rid of roaches. Is it safe?

  3. Anne Lyken-Garner Says:

    Good tips, thanks for the information

  4. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Very useful information especialy as dandruff shampoo’s are so expensive.

  5. Rookie Expert Says:

    Thank you Icy, Lauren, Anne and Ruby for you comments.
    @ Lauren – yes, like i mentioned, the products have a different basic function, but they all work on dandruff and ofcourse, they are safe. Safer, if i may say than most chemicals found in anti-dandruff shampoos. I’ve used it, and it works like a charm!!

  6. Chitaroo Says:

    Hmm…I know some people who could use these tips so I will definitely pass on the article. Very helpful- thanks!

  7. Lauren Axelrod Says:

    Thanks for the info Rookie. Informative.

  8. thestickman Says:

    I knew about the aspirin, Listerine and olive oil. The rest came as a surprise.
    Preparation-H has another very good use as an anti-wrinkle face cream!! It reduces swelling and ‘plumps up’ creases on the face, tightens-up those bags under the eyes etc. as well or better than many facial ointments for the same purpose!

    Many ‘common’ preparations have ulterior uses as well; “WD-40″, the all-purpose ‘household/automotive’ lubricant, is superlative for ‘fixing’ moisture-laden electronics like if a battery-powered radio were accidentally dropped in the lake, retrieved, but no longer works.. The “WD” in “WD-40″ stands for “Water Displacement (formula)-#40″ and that is exactly what is was originally MADE for, -displacing water/moisture on consumer/industrial electronics! Kewl, huh?

  9. Rookie Expert Says:

    WOW! I did not know all that. Thanx for your input stickman!

  10. dee gold Says:

    These things are easy to find solutions to the irritating dandruff. Wonderful tips!

  11. georgette Says:

    I recently (two days ago) started treating my hair with the Dettol … so far the flakes have reduced. Hopefully after a couple more use it will be gone for good. only thing about Dettol is that your hair smells like a hospital!

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