Wedding Day Worries That Most Women Have

March 20, 2013 by Abbie King  
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Things almost every woman prays not to happen on her wedding day.

There are things that everyone prays they should never happen on any day, and especially on one’s wedding day. We all hate bad weather (too much rain, heavy snow etc), we would like the day to be just as bright but as cool at the same time. We all fear to wake up on the wedding day to find our important people (the groom or bride, parents, maids) are falling sick, cancelled flights, deaths and funerals and many other things; the day just has to be perfect.

Today I will talk about things a woman would give anything not to happen on her wedding day. To quickly mention the common ones, I give it up to the top three worries which are: the pimples and facial rashes, weight gain and the menstrual period.  The first two, the pimple & rashes as well as weight gain are things one can control. The third one… that is by itself another story.

I understand that we all want to look beautiful on our wedding days, so we do everything we can to ensure the day finds us in the best of looks. At times we go the extra mile when we try out new beauty products closer to the wedding day, which as experts say, is the biggest mistake a woman can do to her face for her wedding.

Eat healthy meals, treat your face with care, don’t expose your face to products that are new to your skin and you may skip the first worry.  Be good to your face, use products that you’ve always used before and if you must try something else, then let it be one of those natural homemade skin products as they are less likely to cause chemical reactions on your face.

With weight gain, it really depends on what causes the weight gain in the first place, if you know the cause then it’s easier to manage weight gain from there. For some people the weight gain is caused by the anxiety, for some is the lack of sleep, others are too busy to keep their exercise routine. Know what ticks the weight gain for you and take it from there, you really don’t want to buy a new wedding dress last minute because your wedding dress does not fit anymore.

And for the third one, the menstrual period! Here I don’t really know what to say; one has to just pray that the menstrual period doesn’t fall on her wedding day. The discomfort, the cramps, the hormones, the spoilt honeymoon, who needs all that on her wedding day?

If one is lucky to have a really stable menstrual cycle then one can possible set her wedding date depending on her menstrual cycle, but if one has one of those really unstable cycles, please invest on some strong painkillers and get a maid with a very good sense of humor (you will need someone to cheer you up on those low moods as well as escorting you to the bathroom every 2 hours for a change of sanitary pads).

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2 Responses to “Wedding Day Worries That Most Women Have”
  1. Jswana Says:

    Great guidelines. I would hope that women would work around their cycles if they know their bodies well but some women are irregular. Yes, whether there are weddings or just simple “marriage ceremonies” with a Clergyman, it’s a very stressful day! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. RBB1010 Says:

    Good share, weddings and how things go are important.

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