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January 21, 2009 by luke halstead  
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Five simple steps to looking great for a party.

Now i am an adverage guy who happens to enjoy looking good and feeling great i am the sort of guy who spends 20 minutes in the shower and 30 minutes doing my hair when doing my hair i must follow a key way of doing it other wise it all goes wrong so heres what i do

From Shower To Handsome Power

At the moment i am fashioning a short sides, choppy top with low cut side fringe. I believe that when going out your hair is everything so i use the best products for my hair.

What You Need

1X Bottle of VO5 Freeze Gel

1X Tub of VO5 Texturising Gum

1X Bottle of VO5 Extra Firm Hold Hairspray

STEP 1: Apply VO5 Freeze Gel to damp hair you will only need a thumb nails worth, as this is just a base for your hair to begin moulding

STEP 2: Turn on your hair dryer and begin rubbing your hair so the hair forms a matted look do this until your hair is completely dry

STEP 3: Take a small amount of VO5 Texturising Gum (NO MORE THAN A THUMB NAILS WORTH) and begin rubbing it in the palm of your hands it will help to make the gum more pliable and you will get even distribution thoughout your hair

STEP 4: Rub the gum into your hair and begin pulling chunks of hair to stick up till your feel it looks stylish, then using the palm of your hand gently rub your fringe in the direction you want until it looks good to you

STEP 5: Take your hair spray and spray at the root of the spikes this will help them to keep there length under heat and humid conditions then spray all of your hair finish with your fringe and WHALLA YOUR READY FOR A NIGHT OUT! 

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