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January 22, 2013 by tinkakaya  
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If you are a lover of vintage this I the article for you.

Today’s article revolves around vintage hair and makeup. These two very important parts of our daily routine, as far as I am concerned, are the most important steps of the day. No matter how much the natural look is advertised, the vintage look always comes out the winner. I find that this look is more natural and yet so much more feminine. 

Sure enough, it is so much easier to just wash one’s hair and simply let it dry or straightens it until it frizzles, whereas a vintage hair do I more elaborate and time consuming. Well   that is  a small price to pay for looking stunning. With vintage the look is far more groomed while at the same time different to everyone else- just take note of all the heads turning towards you with an appreciative look in their eyes. Try it.

Found this website which deals with vintage makeup and hair styles which I think is simply super doper for people like me.  All the instructions are in pictures and the tutorials are written down; so much easier to follow. The advice is also great on the different types of foundations, lipsticks and all the other bits and pieces that make a girl’s life so much superior and fun compared  to a male’s

Look at her

One other important thing about written and picture guide tutorials is the fact that these can be printed out and kept nearby when they are needed. Imagine you have decided to copy Eleanor Parker’s hair style, with a printed copy, you can simply hand it to your hairdresser and let him/her do its work.  It does get rathe complicated trying to explain or taking your I pad  and show a video  video.

If you love vintage you will love this site

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