Various Facial Hair Styles (For Women)

June 7, 2011 by holderch5  
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Several respectful suggestions for women who want to throw off norms and try something truly different.

Recently I shaved most of my beard off, a feat I have not done for roughly a year, since the start of senior year of high school (and I am a male, guttersnipe!). Sure, there was upkeep and the occasional reshaping, but mostly I left it alone to eat some of my food and warm my face. It was an experiment for me; I believe that every man should leave the razor in the bathroom cabinet for a few weeks or months just to see what his body does when left to its own devices. Mine grows in mostly a different color from the rest of the hair on my head, fairly slowly, and very shaggily unless I comb it. Every man’s experience is unique with facial hair, though. Likewise, the other half of the population who are capable of growing hair on the face could try this, too. Instead of writing a simple “different men’s beards” post after shaving mine as I meant to do at first (lame), I decided to sound the waters of the culture that is taboo in the Western world: female facial hair. Disregarding for the sake of whimsy nearly universal norms that dictate the waxing and/or shaving of such hair in order to appear aesthetically pleasing, here are a few suggestions that spring to mind when the subject of women’s facial hair does.

1. Decembrow / Tajikistan

This look is très chic in Tajikistan ( Some feminists love it, too; in a tongue-in-cheek manner a writer on created Decembrow in response to a Huffington Post repost of the above link, an annual no-shave event that lasts for a month in response to Movember and that may be paired with a donation to the cause of the relevant woman’s choice. For the discerning lady this style features only a straight unibrow, no other hair necessary on the face. The above link has a good solution for you if you can’t grow one by yourself, also.

2. The Frida Kahlo

This Communist Mexican painter and idealist in the early 20th century was well-known for her self portraits (55 according to Wikipedia) that, for the repressed Western world (or at least for me), brazenly demonstrated her combination unibrow and moustache. From what I know of her she was a very proud woman, and she inspired generations of feminists simply by doing what was true to her. I haven’t read any biographies and maybe it was different in her time and in Mexico, but this seems to have included foregoing the customary wax or cream. In any case, the usual no-shave for women includes only peach fuzz on the lip and a more or less strong unibrow like Frida’s.

3. Les Bacchantes

This option is another single feature, the lonely moustache. You might have to shave your cheeks and/or unibrows to achieve this, but it depends on what you inherited from your mother. This is notorious on the Internet, where it seems to be universally scorned. (If you didn’t know that, just type “female moustache” into Google images and see the more or less indignant vilification that comes up. I agree with the commenters that they’re not all attractive, but I hold that they aren’t all ugly, either.) A comb will probably not be needed, and shampoo is your choice. I know I used to shampoo my beard; maybe it applies across the gender divide. This style may range from barely noticeable villus hairs to a permanent five o’ clock shadow on your paraphiltrum. “Bacchante” means whisker in French. (Thanks, Google Translate!)

This list of styles is definitely not definitive; there could be several variations, and that’s what makes facial hair, male or female, interesting. The motive for adopting one of these is also curious: it could equally be a thumb bite toward a society afraid of difference or the result of an unfortunate lack of a mirror in a person who really does care about norms. If you try any of these, best of luck with your newfound avant garde attitude, and be sure to tell everyone you know from where you got the idea. Lastly, if you stumbled upon this site meaning to find something to do away with facial hair, look here.

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