Use an Epilator to Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair

September 20, 2010 by quinlanblogger  
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Remove unwanted body hair with the help of an epilator.

Getting rid of unwanted body hair is easier than you might think with the help of an epilator. While there are other options like shaving and hair-removal creams available, they only provide momentary relief. With the help of an epilator, you can quickly remove your unwanted body hair for several weeks at a time. Eventually, the hair might stop growing back all together.

So what is an epilator?

The epilators that you will find in stores today are dramatically different from the original designs. Modern epilators work as though you had 20 mechanical tweezers pulling the unwanted hair from your skin. Unlike shaving, epilators work to remove the hair by the root. This means that it will take substantially longer for the hair to grow back.

Does epilating hurt?

Epilators are commonly thought to be painful. The original models certainly were, but due to improvements in the device the pain is somewhat less than it used to be. Many people will have pain the first time they attempt to epilate a specific area. On later attempts the pain will be greatly reduced.


The first time you epilate an area shave beforehand. Because the epilator will not have much hair to pull out, the pain will be greatly reduced. Many companies that produce epilators also offer skin wipes that are designed to ease the pain that epilating may cause. If your epilator is waterproof consider using it in the shower. Some people believe that warm water also helps to ease the pain.


You may notice some stubble a few days after epilating an area. It is important to keep in mind that hair does grow in phases. You may have successfully epilated an area, but some of your hair was below the surface of the skin at the time. It is a good idea to use your epilator every few days to overcome this process. Eventually you will notice that several weeks will pass before you need to epilate again!

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