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March 12, 2013 by clairelouise  
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A guide to some unique styles for short hair.

Short hair can be incredibly sexy and sophisticated which is why more and more women are turning away from long flowing locks and going for the chop. But with so many short hairstyles around it can be hard to find something individual.

The Rihanna.

This unique style was made famous by the stylish R and B singer Rihanna. This cut has more length at the front around the bangs and crown areas than it does at the back. This will make the cut more versatile because it can be styled in different ways. The rest of the hair is cropped close to the head.  This makes a dramatic contrast and so it is great if you like to create an impact. To wear this look you will require a lot of confidence to pull it off. So if you are not super confident then you may want to steer clear of this style.

Flicked out.

This is a style that will always remain unique and stylish. The hair is cut into short layers close to the head with just enough length to flick out. This will create a sophisticated and sexy look. It is a great way of emphasising your bone structure and your eyes also. This look was famously sported by Halle Berry.

The pink.

This style is one that requires a lot of bravery to wear but it is incredibly individual and has a lot of impact. A super short style that is brimming with attitude will definitely get you noticed.


This is a look that is more versatile than people think. If you make sure your stylist leaves some length on the top of your hair then you can get some sexy, different looks from this one style. If you are feeling in a sophisticated mood then you can leave your hair and not flick it up but gently rub some styling gel through it to emphasise the texture. Or you can make it really funky and spiky for a dramatic effect. You can gently spike it for a subtle look or make it super high for some serious drama.

The cheek length bob.

This dramatic and stylish bob is not for the faint hearted. It is poker straight and just skins the top of the cheekbones. Team it with a blunt cut fringe for some serious drama. This is s style that requires a lot of maintenance and regular trims to keep it looking neat.

You can either have this bob one length all around or you can make sure that the hairdresser graduates to bob so that it is slightly shorter at the back than at the front, they may need to shave your hair at the nape of your neck in order to do this.

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