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With everyone else they’re called weaves, but………..

I guess I can create something new too…..a WORD since people are now calling Weave cut-outs, actual Hair Cuts!  Maybe some folks are sleeping but the more “Natural”approach to Black Women’s hair is actually the Natural but I shall refer to that later.

Earlier this month, Beyonce’s so-called Pixie cut was a rage of opinions. Some liked it and voiced it, some didn’t care and voiced it, some wondered what the big deal was (like me) and wrote about it and some thought it was flat out unattractive and voiced it.

Since everyone did not Bow Down and worship this cut, Beyonce has pulled a  Lady Godiva hair move (not the horse ride) and is now sporting a Crimped, Blonde, Bob.   Can anyone’s hair grow that fast in a little over two weeks?  To an ordinary woman it would be obviously a Weave but with Beyonce……..

This is the deal.  There are people out here in the world that don’t know what will happen to them from day to day.  Let’s call it Starvation and Hunger and Homelessness.  There are a myriad of problems facing the World at Large and I do believe in us looking for some form of respite but not to the tune of Vanity!  Who cares what Beyonce or anyone puts in or out of their hair and a  confident person will do as they please and walk on.   Beyonce is a nice-looking curvaceous woman, no doubt.

On  or around August 20th, Beyonce knuckled under and changed her hair for obvious reasons.  Everyone was NOT impressed.  After all, Hollywood Types and Famous Entertainers change up all of the time.  Who cares? To her, I would say that at 31, you are at one of the most beautiful vibrant periods of your life. I’ve been there and done that and coming into maturity, look at yourself and like what you see!   To have longer, blonde extensions are only defining you because you’ve allowed it to.  Beyonce could very well be sweet and  lovely person, so it is never her  person that I speak of, it’s this weird Fan Obsession that really isn’t new, I mean Frank Sinatra had it, Elvis had it, Michael Jackson had it.  So what was the difference?  No matter that Elvis got big and uncomfortably bloated through his troubles.  No matter that Michael Jackson, fighting Vitiligo wore pasty, unattractive make-up to hide a transforming condition.  No matter.  These guys could still kill us with their presence and their Music. In that respect, Beyonce should take her rightful spot.   Peace.

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