Top Tips for Caring for Long Hair

June 28, 2012 by AFitzgerald  
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How to keep long hair looking and feeling healthy despite everything you may throw at it.

Long hair can take years to grow and can often be the cause of massive regret when impulse short haircuts are made in the heat of summer. However for many, long hair is their trademark and worth the extra time in their morning routine. And it is possible to keep your locks looking luscious with some simple hair care tips especially for long hair.

Keep Caring for Long Hair Simple

To help prevent split ends and dryness, minimise heat styling such as blow drying or using straighteners. Air dry hair when possible, and if using a hairdryer can’t be avoided, use a heat protecting spray first and use dryer on the lowest possible setting.

And when spending time in the sun, consider using a hair mask containing a sunscreen to avoid hair color fading and dryness. Another top tip for avoiding damage when swimming in chlorinated or salt water is wet hair in the shower beforehand. Your hair will absorb the clean water first, so it won’t be affected as much by chemicals in the water.

A hair cut that works with your natural wave or curl is best, as you won’t need much heat styling for it to sit right, keeping you hair care routine simple.

Avoid a tight ponytail hair style if you can, as the elastic can cut in and cause hair breakage. Believe it not, hair scrunchies are back in style, riding the wave of 80s revival, and they are gentle on long hair. A braid or loose bun is also more forgiving and perfect for those lazy days at the beach. The latest craze is the voluminous doughtnut bun, that can also be easily recreated using a sock bun.

Use the Right Products for Long Hair

The texture and condition of long hair differs greatly from shorter styles, and any damage can appear more apparent on long strands. Specific hair care products are required to help maintain strength and shine. Deciphering the ingredients list on hair care packaging might take a short lesson in chemistry, however what goes into your shampoo, conditioner and styling products makes a big difference.

Products containing silicone should be used sparingly, as silicone can build up over time causing roots to become greasy and hair lank. If you find your hair is coarse or dry, try to find products that do not contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) as this a strong detergent that can strip moisture.

Some natural oils are great for moisturizing long locks. Coconut oil and jojoba oil and both make excellent hair treatments and are also beneficial for the scalp. They should be used in small amounts and rinsed well to avoid the oil making stranks lank and greasy.

Whether your hair is oily, dry or damaged, determines which products you will choose. Hair product samples are a great way to try out new products to see how they work on your hair type without wasting money of a full size item. Sometimes a mixture of different brands will work best for you, so don’t feel like you need to buy the whole set.

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