Top 10 Female Pubic Hair Styles

April 1, 2011 by Facevalue  
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Fashion has found its way to our pubic region! The top 10 female pubic hair styles.

                                            Top 10 Female Pubic Hair Styles

Fashion today seems to be permeating everything around us from the clothes we wear all the way to the appliances in our homes. But now fashion has found its way to the most unlikely place – our pubic region! Yes fashion is also present there and I kid you not!

That being said I would like to introduce you to the top 10 female pubic hair styles that are seriously becoming popular the world over.

·         Triangle style – this style is done purposely so that women can wear swimwear and not show off parts of their pubic hair. In the triangle style, the pubic hair is waxed from the sides to form the shape of a triangle. The hair length here can range from about an inch to half an inch.

·         Natural Bush – this is the style some women prefer. In this style, there is generally no trimming and maintenance of the pubic hair. It is left just like that to grow. Of late this style also seems to be gaining quite some popularity among women.

·         Landing strip – this style is also called the Hitler Mustache. It is the style where the pubic hair of the woman is shaved from both sides to form a long and centered vertical triangle. The length of the hair here is cut to almost a quarter of an inch. The style bears striking resemblances to the way Hitler grew his mustache that’s probably the reason it is nicknamed the ‘Hitler Mustache’

·         Trimmed – in this style the hair is only trimmed. It is not shaped into any design or removed totally – the hair length is only just shortened or trimmed.

·         Brazilian Waxing – this is also known as G-wax. This is another very popular style amongst most women. Here, the pubic hair is totally shaved off, leaving only a very thin and narrow portion which is centered above the vulva. The hair length here is usually about an inch high.

·         The dyed hair – this is a style where women color their pubic hair to match the color of hair they have on the head.

·         Heart shaped – this style like the name suggests, sees the pubic hair being trimmed into the shape of a heart. Most women celebrities are really into this style!

·         Pyramid – in the pyramid style, the woman trims the pubic hair to form the shape of an upside-down triangle. This style isn’t much common today.

·         Full Brazilian – now, this particular style comes with a host of other names like the following: Bare, Bald eagle, Hollywood, Bald Beaver, and German Wax etc. In this style, the only thing done to the pubic hair is to completely remove it. The entire pubic hair is given a total and clean shave, leaving no traces. A reason why it is also called the Bald eagle.

·         V-shaped – in this style, like the name suggest the pubic hair is trimmed and given the shape that looks more like a V. This is another pretty common style.

So there we are folks, the top ten pubic hair styles that the fashion world, celebrities and ordinary people alike are rapidly adopting and popularizing.   

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3 Responses to “Top 10 Female Pubic Hair Styles”
  1. CHIPMUNK Says:

    Good choices

  2. BustinBalls Says:

    How about full bush? Thats the most common ive encountered.

  3. sexyjones Says:

    i shaved it all off and now i have red bumps and cuts i am never shaving again

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