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July 31, 2011 by OnlineArticles  
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When it comes to drying the hair of the reach of two ways: it let alone to air dry or use hair dryer. The first method has the advantage of not assaulting the hair and the second gives you some more outfit and volume.Here are the steps needed to properly dry hair:

  • Start first by washing the hair using a range of products that give hair volume;
  • Partially dry it with towel to remove excess moisture;
  • Using a toothed comb, comb your hair so you can handle (great care not to pull hair because they break easily now). Movements must be gentle;
  • Apply spray or foam volume to the root volume from the middle wire to the ends, if you want extra volume;
  • Now choose the method of drying: air or using a hairdryer. 

The first method is very simple, but for the second skill you need. The first time I tried it I have hurt your arms a week and brush your hair I have left :-( . The more you practice the more easier it will become the process. To dry the hair using the hairdryer of need:

  •  hairdryer;
  • round brush;
  • clips or hairpins
  1. First applied evenly throughout hair, leave-in spray to protect hair from heat;
  2. Divide hair into sections and strands come in the top head and sides with staples;
  3. You hairdryer in one hand and brush in the other;
  4. Of the first section of hair and place it underneath the brush from root; 
  5. Without pulling the hair, pull the brush down and direct the stream of hot air in the sense that moving the brush;
  6. Continue this until you reach peaks. If you want tips to buckle slightly, run the brush under the hair strand, repeat strand is dried up;
  7. Depending on the length of the hair using a brush with metal frame in different sizes: short hair using a small diameter and a medium length or long hair you use a larger diameter;
  8. Continue this until you have all your hair dry. Depending on your preference, you can spray a flexible hairspray or you can leave it as is.

 Below I found a video that helped me a lot in learning this process. I hope you or to you for help.

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