Tips for The Treatment of Dry and Unattractive Hair

October 23, 2012 by Muhammad Irfan Zafar  
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Dry winds of winter not only affect the skin but also put adverse affects on the hair. The hair appears dry and dandruff also grows in them. The hair breaks and looks unattractive.

Few tips are given hereunder with respect to the care of your hair in winter season. Try them, you will certainly find these tips beneficial.

Massage olive or mustard oil two times in a week for dandruff. Make paste by mixing two spoons of curd or you can also blend egg yolk into the oil.

Grind wet vetch pulse and apply it into the roots of hairs. It also helps in getting rid of dandruff.

Mix chaff of fleawort into water and then blend it into oil and apply on the hair. It is also a testified treatment.

A Blend of boric power and water is also beneficial for dry hair.

Make the best conditioner for the hair by mixing lemon, egg and olive oil. Apply it for two hours and then wash your hair. It will make your hairs glowing and soft.

Henna is also good for the conditioning of hair.

Soak the powder of dry myrobalan and soapwart in the water at night for blackening of the hair. Washing of hair in the morning with this solution gives the hair blackish tint.

Take care of your health generally. Include such things in your diet, which contains proteins, iron, calcium, and vitamin B, A, C and E.

The kernel of walnut and fish contain omega 3, which is very beneficial for health and hair color.

The health of hair reveals your general health. Proper attention is the guarantee of your hair’s health. Little bit of attention can make your hair beautiful that will make your personality attractive.

Note: The above information has been taken from medical journals and different other sources and it is only for informational purposes and should not be taken as Medical Advice by any mean. It is always safe to better consult your physician first before acting upon any of the piece of advice given above.

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