Tips FOR Hair Removal – on Every Part of THE Body

November 18, 2010 by kendra30752  
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Getting rid of un-wanted hair has been a troublesome issue for women
and men for many years. So far we’ve only few options when ridding
our body of un-wanted hair. Many of the most effective options are
tremendously pricey. For quite some time, I’ve searched and tried
nearly every option out there. That is where I come in handy to you
I will leave you with a few tips to make your hair-ridding as painless
and easy as possible.

 For the eyebrows –
Try plucking your eyebrows after you’ve taken a warm, steamy shower.
The warmth and steam will open your pores and make plucking easier
and less painful. In my experience, the steamy shower seems to speed
up hair growth making it easier to get ahold of those little hairs.

 If you’re in a hurry, get a warm, wet washcloth and hold it on your brow
line, then pluck. Or you can use moisurizer to make plucking easier.

For the legs -
 Use a thick shaving cream or hair conditioner to soften the hairs and
make for a closer shave. Aside from laser hair removal, there’s really not
 many other options for your legs unless you can handle waxing, which
 I’ve found to be an extreme hassle and very painful. I prefer using
Veet’s hair removal on my legs.You can get it at any drug store for just a
 few bucks. I’ve found Veet to be the most effective epilator. For the
arms, you have about the same options as the legs. And remember to
exfolliate regularly as this will help the process of everyday shaving.

For the arm pits –
You should use a thick cream or conditioner here as well. The arm pits
are normally a highly sensitive area and are easy to irritate. So you have
to be extra careful not to cause irritation by shaving too close or dry
shaving. Use plenty of water and shave against the grain. You can also
wax the arm pits but I would not recommend doing so. You will more
than likely end up with damaged tissue as the underarms are made of
thin skin. You can get deodorants that help with sensitivity and that
lessen the appearance of hair therfore making it less noticeable and
easier to shave. I use Dove’s deodorant for this.

For the bikini area –
 This is a little more complicated as different women prefer different
shaves. Some prefer a close shave for the entire bikini/private area and
some prefer to only shave a little. I prefer no hair what so ever so I’ve
done a lot of different things to rid the hair. If you decide to stick with
a razor and you want a close shave, you can use hair conditioner, baby
oil, or an epilator. Baby oil makes for a very close shave and leaves the
area extremely smooth. Using baby oil is good for those spots that are
tough or painful to shave. Just be careful because it can clog our razor.

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    But is there a permanent way to get rid of facial hair for good, once and for all?

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