Tips for Hair Growth

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Tips for hair growth.

Take care of your hair to stimulate growth

How to make hair grow faster when the weather constantly thinning, unhealthy food, cosmetics and pollution? To promote hair growth, we must first take care of it as much.

                                                                                   trucuri pentru cresterea parului

Some tips for healthy hair growth:

- Watch your diet

We recommend some foods that stimulate hair growth: fat or tuna fish, vegetable oils, nuts and cereals.

- Use the right shampoo for your hair type

… (Dry, oily, paint, chalk, etc.) and alternate with mild shampoos.

- Do not ignore nourishing masks

… For dry ends because beautiful hair, long, should be cared for throughout its length! Frequency mask is generally a week.

- Take dietary supplements and trace elements

To help cope with hair to temperature changes, make three-month course of trace elements capsules or regeneration. You can also take, dietary supplements such as calcium, iron, magnesium and minerals to nourish hair from within. Ask your doctor before starting treatment.

- Make it a point your scalp mass

The hairs will occur more quickly if stimulated blood circulation and thus oxygenation of the skin through massage.

- Use a natural fiber brush

Change your regular brush with a natural fiber brush, preferably wild boar. These fibers will damage your hair less Also, avoid dry hair from a distance too close to the head!

Tips for hair growth

Hair grows about 1 cm per month. There are numerous tips and recipes seem more or less verified. You can accelerate the growth of one of the following suggestions:

- Legend of the full moon

The best known and one that has proven effective over time is the cure grandparents: cut your hair ends whose days are full moon nights, and it will grow back twice as fast!

- Yeast

Brewer’s yeast is rich in amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Provides nutrients needed to power the hair. The yeast is a natural, harmless, and if consumed in the form of treatment facilitates hair growth and nails.

- Essential Oils

Essential oils allow deeply nourish hair. We recommend mixing 5-7 drops of rosemary essential oils with gentle shampoo to strengthen hair and stimulate growth. You can also try the coconut, sweet almond, grapeseed, olive, wheat germ. All feeding is good for your hair! Allow hair to act 30 minutes before shampooing.

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