Tips for Flicks and Beauty Lashes

November 6, 2012 by FabChuz  
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Tips for Flicks and Beauty Lashes.

The eyelashes are part of the face that was less attention. In fact, if his performance is maximized, it lashes that make you look different and beautiful.

Tip 1:

It is important to keep moisture lashes before bed. The trick is to clean up the rest of mascara do you wear all day with special cleaners that contain oil.

The oil will keep every strand of hair remains soft and not abusive.

Tip 2:

If it was not soft lashes, use petroleum jelly with a cotton bud in each strand.

Petroleum jelly can be replaced with castor oil / castor oil. Should be used before going to bed awake eyelashes moisture and softness.

Tip 3:

Make sure you clean with regular eyelash curler. Long stick and mascara will make lashes sticky uncomfortable and easily squashed.

It is vulnerable because it can also cause eyelash loss due to interest.

Tip 4:

Use special moisturizing mascara eyelashes. Generally the color is clear and more functions to moisturize.

Tip 5:

Choose a quality mascara and moisturizer, so you can still take care of eyelashes while wearing mascara.

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