Tips for Boosting Self Esteem No Matter What Your Age

November 8, 2010 by kendra30752  
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So many people tend to think after a certain age, you’re no longer
entitled to feel beautiful anymore. The truth is, you’re never too old to
feel beautiful.

In this article, I’ve pointed out a few things that can be
helpful for a person experiencing the scares of aging. Or if you’re just
a little low on self esteem, you too, may find these tips beneficial. And it doesn’t take a total make-over or a load of cash.

  You don’t have to get a total makeover just to bring your confidence
back. Sometimes all it takes is something as small as wearing a new

 We all have those days where we feel less beautiful than normal. If
you’ve ever had that feeling, you know that just that alone can
completely ruin your day. Here are a few tips to give your self esteem
a little boost when you need it.

 Try a new lipstick on days when your feeling down. Color will
brighten your look and your attitude.

 Try a new hair style. It can change your look completely and a fresh,
 new style always gives you a perkier attitude. Or add a little color
to your hair. Try highlights or low lights. It doesn’t have to be anything
drastic. You can buy box hair color for great prices at any drugstore.

 Instead of your regular black mascara, try one with color. You can
get mascara in all colors. However, the drugstores usually only carry
black, brown, and blue. Blue is a satisfying color for a new boost.

 Use a new perfume or lotion. Scents with lavendar, chamomile,
and citrus are all energizing, relaxing, and stress relieving.

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3 Responses to “Tips for Boosting Self Esteem No Matter What Your Age”
  1. alvinwriter Says:

    Yep, that will do the trick!

  2. obikelvin Says:

    No one is too old to be beautiful.Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and beauty is not just in the face, it is a light in the heart.Very well said.

  3. Passion For Living Says:

    I agree with all your tips. I have tried all of them even before and you are absolutely right. :-) Thanks for sharing.

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