Tips for Beautiful Hair

July 4, 2010 by Tulan  
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These tips will help keep your hair beautiful through the long hot summer, if you are busy as most of us are and can’t take the time to run to the saloon every few days. These tips will help you to keep your hair beautiful while working, and driving the kids to the pool and all their activities. So enjoy your summer and use these tricks of the trade to keep your hair looking gorgeous.

Tips for Beautiful Hair

We all want beautiful hair. Don’t let anyone tell you different. We don’t want to spend a lot of our time styling and coloring. We are busy people and have many more important responsibilities than hair. But just saying, if you want to have beautiful hair every day these tips will go a long way in improving your odds.

1. Shampoo your hair every other day. To absorb excess oil in between shampoos, apply a small amount of baby powder to your roots at the crown and massage it into your scalp. them give your hair a good brushing.

2. Use a clarifying shampoo once a month to remove protein buildup.

3. Comb your hair from roots to tips each night to increase blood circulation, loosen up dry scalp and distribute natural oils.

4. Deep condition twice a month to boost radiance.

5. Use cool water on your hair, heat can cause damage.

6.Make your own clarifying rinse. Mix 1 oz. apple cider vinegar with 8 oz. water and apply to wet hair. Let sit 5 minutes and rinse in cool water.

7. Buffing your wet hair with a towel can cause damage, instead gently blot with towel.

8. Color fades faster on air dried hair. Use a hair dryer on a low setting.

9. If you need a quick hydration boost, use olive oil on the ends.

10. Use color preserving shampoos and conditioner to keep color lasting longer.

11. In a pinch use beer as a setting solution.

12. Use a heat protecting spray before blow drying, flat ironing or curling to add shine and shield hair from damaging heat.

13.If you are thinking about changing your hair style, the one length bob gets updated with face framing layers.

14. Try wearing bangs. Side swept versions help frame the face and are flattering.

15. To build volume, flip head over and spritz with light-hold hairspray, then flip hair back over.

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    Nice collection of tips to keep hair strong and healthy……..worth recommending for women….

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    Very nice tips.

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    wonderful share!! thanks a lot!

  4. Jewelstar Says:

    Buffing wet hair with towel should be one of the reasons for hairloss. That is a new tip!

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    some very good tips here thank you

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    Excellent tips for hair health. :-)

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  24. Brewed Coffee Says:

    These are good tips. I don’t know about item no. 1 though. I am exposed to a lot of dust in my workplace so I shampoo everyday. Is that bad for the hair?

  25. nayabingi Says:

    what if i have short hair?

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