Three Things “Strange” Woman, Sexy in Men’s Eyes

June 14, 2013 by Greg Czerska  
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Face without makeup to create the impression of glamor.

For most women, appearance is a thing that is always noticed. Besides that always looks stunning, it is meant to attract the attention of men. However, there are other things that are not recognized by other women. Men like some oddities in women.

Face without make up and hair that is not neatly trimmed. For women, it may be a strange thing. However, for all the men that are common even often taken for granted. there are some strange things that men like from women, the following:

No makeup

Plural woman who can not escape from this one thing: make up. However, behind the gloss lipstick powder and embroidery that creates a dazzling impression, there is another point of view.

Plural men actually like women without makeup. This is because, the makeup sometimes makes a person (woman) did not seem natural.

sexual openness

When it comes to sexuality, it is not a few who think that the theme is things that are considered taboo. Sexual openness is often equated with openness about yourself.

It is aligned with emotional maturity. But do not trigger a negative, of course it does not lead to sexual conduct that violates the norm. Sexual openness, shown only limited knowledge alone.

messy hair

Hair is the crown of a woman. But if hair is not neat, it does not mean you lose the sensual glow of your hair. Messy hairstyle which means you should not mess up your hair, but the hair is always disheveled free.

Disheveled hair-free will give the impression section. It also shows that you are someone who is comfortable with his own personal appearance. Occasionally try to straighten hair using your fingers.

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