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January 11, 2010 by TheGoth  
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Highlighting is one of the most popular procedures that people receive at hair salons. However, before one decides to attend the salon for such a procedure, it is important to be informed about different types of highlighting, as well as the effects of this process.

Highlighting procedures represent one of the most popular procedures performed within the hair salons. Highlighting allows for the presence of either a lighter or a darker color to be present in the hair. It is different from dying in the hair in the way that, highlighting allows for the lighter or darker color, in addition to the natural color of the hair to be present. This possesses a subliminal or obtrusive contrast to the hair, depending on the type of style that one desires. However, before having a highlighting procedure, it is important to be aware of the different types of highlighting, as well as the effects of such a procedure.

Highlighting involves the use of foils in putting a lighter color into the hair. It is also possible to put darker highlights into the hair. This process is known as lowlighting. Each of these processes is done in the same way, however, different results are obtained. While highlighting enables for the contrast of a lighter color than the natural color to be present within the hair, lowlighting allows for the contrast of a darker color than the natural color to be present within the hair. 

Each of these processes can be done in either a subliminal or in an obtrusive manner. If you want to have only a subliminal contrast, then it is necessary to request that you want to have the highlights look natural. However, if you desire a sharp contrast, then you can request that you want thick highlights. Such highlights have the ability to be done in a striping pattern, making them all the more noticeable.

When having hair highlighted, it is either possible to have partial highlights, or the whole head highlighted. A partial highlighting procedure is only done on the top part of the hair, while the whole head highlighting procedure is done throughout the hair. If you desire to have more of a subliminal contrast, but not throughout the hair, then I would recommend the partial highlighting procedure. However, if you prefer the highlights to be more evident within all parts of the hair, then you would probably prefer the whole head highlighting procedure.

Another concept to know about highlighting is the effects of this procedure. As with most procedures, highlighting requires the use of strong chemicals. Unfortunately, this procedure has the ability to cause damage to the hair, especially if done frequently. It can cause the hair to feel dry, and become more prone to frizz. Therefore, when having the hair highlighted, it is important to purchase moisturizing shampoo and conditioner in order to preserve the health of the hair.

Therefore, whether desiring a subliminal or a bold contrast, highlighting is an excellent procedure to have. By discovering the type of style that you desire, and knowing about the effects of the procedure, you will be able to obtain successful results and enjoy the benefits of this procedure.

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