The World of Eco-friendly Cotton Webbing

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The art of webbing involves a strong fabric that is woven as a tube or flat strip. It can be of varying width. In webbing, fibers are often made use of in place of rope. The word webbing has been derived from the meshed material that is utilized in its making and looks like a web. Webbing is required in various fields. It was originally made of cotton or flax. However, with advancement, synthetic fibers like polypropylene, nylon, or polyester is being made use of in webbing.

Webbing can be both strong and light. Webbing has two basic constructions, which are flat webbing and tubular webbing. The former type of webbing is more commonly used for backpack straps and the latter type is made use of in industrial applications and climbing.

What is Cotton Webbing?

It is an eco-friendly material which is light in weight. It is widely used in varied situations. It is most commonly used in belts, handbag straps, small pet collars, and lanyards. For making cotton webbing belt, the material has to be cut to length thereby attaching female or male buckle to either end of the webbing length. Same process applies for small pet collars.

Lanyards are commonly used for holding badges and identity cards. It is made from cotton webbing in thinner widths. For making lanyards with narrow cotton webbing, a hook has to be fed to the cotton webbing. Then a small buckle has to be attached on either of the cut ends. Cotton webbing comes in a variety of colors and weights to meet the specific requirement of the user. NationalWebbing is a well-known company that deals in cotton webbing.

Light Weight Cotton Webbing: The light weight cotton webbing possesses a basket weave construction. Also, the tote bag industry makes use of light weight cotton webbing for sew handles. Various kinds of uniforms, fashion belts and garments make use of this type of webbing too.

Mid Weight Cotton Webbing:
The mid weight cotton webbing also has a basket weave construction. It is too popular in military as this type of webbing is used for making military belts. Other than military, the mid weight cotton webbing is used for making garments, uniform belts, and fashion belts for both men and women.

Heavy Weight Cotton Webbing: The heavy weight cotton webbing has a basket weave construction too. It is also popular in military like the mid weight cotton webbing for making military belts. Other than military, the heavy weight cotton webbing is used for making garments, uniform belts, and fashion belts for both men and women.

Extra Heavy Weight Cotton Webbing: The extra heavy weight cotton webbing owns a basket weave construction like the previous ones. It is used for making military belts. These belts require heavy weight webbing. Apart from this, it is used for making belts for men and women.

Cotton Herringbone Tape: It is used for binding and giving finesse to bags, carriers, wallets, and cases. It is also used for binding X-ray aprons in medical industry and other conditions where a comfort in cleaning is needed.

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